Make an accurate translation of the text. This will help you better understand what is worth mentioning in your paraphrase, and what sentence or phrase can be easily replaced by lighter or completely remove. Understanding always makes learning a foreign language easier and faster because you are not monotonically memorize the passage with a mysterious for you content, and tell a story that you absolutely clear.
Divide your text into meaningful chunks. If it's easier, I can make a plan of your retelling of specifying all semantic parts in Russian and then in English. Always try to plan or thesis abstracts to the texts in a foreign language, because it contributes to a better memorization. You may change the order of some parts, if you find it acceptable. The teacher will develop a more favorable impression if you show not only your ability to memorize the text, but also demonstrate the ability to think analytically.
Do not teach in a monotone. A complex sentence always change to something lighter to make it easier for them to remember and pronounce. Word memorization or translation which causes difficulties also exclude from his narrative. Let this will greatly simplify your initial text, but will help you remember its contents and to make a point. Of course, to simplify the text so that its level of complexity has decreased by several orders of magnitude, is not necessary. Do not forget that your task is the study of language, new words and word forms. But if something causes you difficulty, you can always upgrade it a little. Do not harm the study course.