Translate the text into Russian. If it is not enough just to fully understand the content – translate the text and write it on a sheet of paper (or type) so that you can work in a completely comfortable environment.
Divide your text into paragraphs. This can be done logically or paragraphs - in the end you should have several headlines that will briefly give the gist of the material.
Retell the text in Russian, based on the points. This should be done 3-4 times, until you have in mind are not fully postponed the whole sequence of actions. At this stage, you should fully discharge the first part of the work: prepare a summary of the text.
Proceed with the preparation of the translation. Using phrases from the original text, write a small abstract on each of the created points. In this case, try at least to use words and constructions that do not understand or may forget: to enrich the vocabulary you will always have time right now to work on speaking. If at this stage you will not feel more or less confident, then wipe off that has already been designed and re-enter the job again – it will be several times more efficient learning already created outline.
Try writing a paraphrase again, but now without the aid of the original text. Take your time – make up sentences first in Russian, then translate them. Be aware that in this step, you are already fully self-paraphrase – the only indulgence in what you do is in writing.
Finally, try to retell the text 2-3 times orally. After all the preliminary work done is not difficult; in fact you very clearly represent the content, worked hard with the vocabulary and have done a paraphrase. All material should have been deposited in your memory, and because to restore it "on the go" should be pretty easy.