You will need
  • - writing utensils;
  • - printed text;
  • - notebook;
  • assistant/companion;
  • dictionary.
Print the text that you asked to learn. Don't have to do with a tutorial screen or CMD as you'll be distracted by extraneous records. You have to be fully concentrated on the form and content of a given text. Remove all annoyances: turn off the phone, icq, skype, social networks, and ask not be disturbed for 1-2 hours. Relax and close for a few seconds eyes, watching your breath. It should be smooth and quiet.
Pick up a pencil or pen and a separate notebook (the notebook) to write new words and expressions. Proceed to the full elaboration of the text. Read it for the first time from beginning to end. Keep only the form of the text and its structures. Select several paragraphs to make it easier to divide it into semantic parts. Crowded text is much harder to remember than well designed.
Read the text a second time, issuing a strange expression and other lexical units. Do it in a separate notebook because you will be difficult to read them over the words in the text. Repeat them several times to not return during the learning of the text. Now divide the text into 3-4 parts. Underline in red the key proposals.
At this stage, you need to clearly understand the meaning of each part, and also know the General content of the text. Now read it aloud again, stopping at each paragraph. After that, proceed to the retelling of the divided sections. Do it yourself for yourself or a companion (family member/friend/teacher). Do so with every paragraph. Retell them a few times.
Connect all paragraphs recounting all of the text. Do this a few times, adding new weight and new parts until you can not reproduce it in detail. At the end read the text again to find the moments you may have missed. Repeat the content again at night and upon awakening. Then you will be able to tell it in class.