You will need
  • - books of different genres
  • - dictionary of foreign words
  • - dictionary of the Russian language
  • - dictionary of synonyms
Regular reading of books.
About our vocabulary increased by one word per week. But we can speed up the process.
A lot of work at home and in school is to enrich our vocabulary. The first way we have to use for this is to read more literature of different genres. More often in the book we encounter a particular word, the faster it remember. This is largely due to visual memory. For each of the genres to some extent fixed to some number of words used often in this literature.
Can read aloud, since this reading is not only visual, but also auditory memory, and we are spoken that is important.
After reading it will be useful to read retell close to the text. To do it better, because the memory is still fresh of the new words met in the text. Thus, it will be another occasion to use these words, and thus to replenish their active stock.
Learn by heart poetry and prose, aphorisms, quotes, Proverbs, etc. you always help out when dealing with people and will allow you to show your erudition.
Communicate more with other people, this will replenish your vocabulary with new words which uses the source.

And once you will be able to demonstrate a couple of other just read in the book of the words. The proposals you are almost fix them in your dictionary.
If the person is a long time alone, avoids contact, you'll soon find that he uses quite terse words and expressions. In this case your thoughts he will actively Express with gestures.
Work with dictionaries.
For help you can refer to dictionaries of synonyms, antonyms, phraseological – it will greatly enrich your vocabulary.

Russian language helps to work with a fairly extensive synonymous rows: each word has about 5-6 synonyms, and more common words have up to 40 of synonymous words. You can practice by replacing the words in any text that are close in meaning synonyms.
Dictionary of loan words will help in the enrichment of vocabulary.

In Russian language a lot of words come from other languages. We are adapted, sometimes so much that we just can't tell from what language it came.

Borrowed words help us in the study of foreign languages. If we know the value borrowed, we do not even know his native language, will be able to hear and understand in different situations.
The study of foreign languages.
Often in foreign languages it is possible to find such words and expressions in Russian are not used. It depends on many factors of life in the country, as each has its own social life, your priorities, economic development, etc.
When one studies a foreign language, he must practice, otherwise many words you can forget.
I should say that we were lucky because we got born with such a powerful, rich means of communication, as Russian language. Language, which for us is "perfected" recognized worldwide Russian genius Lomonosov, Pushkin. We should be proud of it and maximize the richness of the language in describing their thoughts, actions, life.
Use the methods vocabulary, so as not to seem ridiculous in the eyes of foreigners who know Russian language sometimes better than us.