You can dial from your mobile phone number + 38 (044) 466-0-466 or shortly 466 (for subscribers of the operator) to call the operator Kyivstar directly. However telephone reference service may from time to time to change. Besides, there are other ways to communicate with the operator Kyivstar, which may be more convenient for you.
Go to the website operator Kyivstar to know the number to call the operator. Search for it on the Internet by name, or go by direct link Currently, this resource automatically recognizes the visitor's location and switches to the appropriate language – Ukrainian, Russian or English. Also you can switch the language in the upper right corner of the page.
Note the lower right corner of the website. It shows the current number that you can call the operator Kyivstar. Click on it and read the pop-up menu, which describes additional terms and conditions. For example, depending on the way of service (prepaid or contract) you can dial + 38 044 466-2-466 or + 38 044 466-0-466 (contract). Data calls will be billed according to the current tariffs of your operator. Calls to short number 466 within the network coverage are free of charge.
Select your current region, in the upper area of the website. Depending on it may vary and the number that you can call the operator Kyivstar. To specify it, go to "residential customers", where select "Mobile communications". In the table, note the link "Services" and check out our current addresses and phone numbers of service centers in your region or city.
There are more ways to receive information and connection services if you do not want a long time to reach the operator Kyivstar and wait for a response of support staff. For example, you can dial 477 and go to voice menu services (for Kyivstar subscribers free of charge option). In addition, it is not necessary to call the operator to find out the current balance of the account. To do this, simply dial *111# and wait for the arrival of a message with information about balance of funds. To see the full list of useful commands on the Kyivstar website, go to "Self service".