You will need
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • phone.
Find the website of the cellular operator "Kievstar" on the Internet. To do this, simply enter the word "Kyivstar" in the search bar one of the search engines.
On the main page of the site operator in the upper-right corner, select the language. The site automatically appears in the Ukrainian language, but if you prefer to read in Russian, you can choose the language.
The top of the page click on "residential customers". Then you will see a blue line. Click on the link "Mobile communications".
You will discover four columns with links to various topics. Select the link "Service" (third from the top in the far right column). You will have a menu where you will be able to see, for example, the addresses of customer service centers.
In the menu that appears, click on the link "Information service". You will receive a list of phone numbers to contact the operators, "Kyivstar". The choice of rooms depends on what phone you are calling. At (044)-466-0-466 you will be able to get through to the operator from a landline phone, the call will be paid p to the tariffs of your operator. With cell phone, which is serviced by "Kyivstar", you need to call on a number 466. In this case, the call will be free.
If you want to get information about rates or services, please use the automatic voice menu. It is available with rooms, which is served by "Kyivstar". You need to dial short number 466 and choose the appropriate option in the automatic menu.