The legendary French wine

Although the wine did not originate in France, in this country it has reached a very high level, which are equal to many other States. The world-known French champagne, especially some brands. For example, in Russia since the 19th century popular drink was the champagne, La veuve Clicquot. In France this wine is more likely to average price of a bottle of two years of exposure can be purchased for 40-50 euros. Abroad, its price may increase significantly. Gourmets should pay attention to the pink champagne of this brand - it is characterized by an optimal ratio of price and quality, and can be stored for a long time, only improving your taste. Another well-known brand of champagne - Crystal. This wine can be attributed to the category of elite drinks. However, some experts believe that the benefits of this drink are exaggerated, and the same quality can be obtained and the less well-known brands and winemakers.

Keep in mind that real champagne is produced only in the champagne region. Other French sparkling wines are included in the category of crémant.

Long popular in Russia and have a Sauternes - white wine, especially containing a lot of sugar. Even in the times of the Russian Empire among the aristocracy were very popular Sauternes Chateau d'yquem is one of the elite wines. This wine has a very specific taste, but will compliment any wine collection.

The popularity of Sauternes is highly dependent on the time of year. In France it is considered a traditional Christmas drink. Sauternes is served, for example, foie Gras with toast.

Famous Italian wine

Italian wines take even more market share than the French. In particular, in Italy the wine is produced, the popularity of which dates back to the 16th century - Malvasia. This drink has a bright and rich flavor. Malvasia insist on different herbs which makes it a truly unique red wine. If you purchased this wine, you can store it 10 years or more, but comply with the necessary conditions for a wine cellar should be dark and cool.

Among the inexpensive Italian wines increasingly gaining popularity of pink and red Lambrusco. This wine has a light fruit flavor and sweetness. Despite the simplicity of his taste, Lambrusco can be exquisite if served accompanied by matching food - oily fish or fruit.