Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the most famous and favorite types of red wine. In its production using grapes Cabernet Franche and Cabernet Blanc. This wine is characterized by hints of leather, chocolate, tobacco. Aged Cabernet has aromas of oak and wine, on the contrary, has a light fruity bouquet, which felt notes of plum, cranberry and raspberry. Cabernet Sauvignon often called the "king of wines". Drink it in Asia, Europe, USA and South America. Cabernet served with dinner and lunch, at family meals and on special occasion.
The Chardonnay is another famous wine, a favorite in many countries. This is a classic white table wine, the taste of which you can feel notes of Apple, pear, lemon, orange and peach. This fruit bouquet is complemented by a wonderfully buttery-colored wood. Chardonnay is usually served in Tulip-shaped glasses on a long stalk. It must be chilled. This wine goes well with seafood, poultry and mild cheeses.
Red wine Shiraz is rightly considered one of known. It is characterized by intense persistent flavor, distinct scent and sufficiently high strength. It's made from grapes Sirah. It is noteworthy that grown in two neighboring fields, he gives a completely different flavor of wine.
Merlot is an iconic wine, availability and good taste made it famous all over the world. This dry red wine is chosen by many lovers of the noble drink. The homeland of this variety is Bordeaux. Merlot is characterized by notes of cherry, blueberry, black pepper, currant and sweet vanilla. In Merlot, you can feel some astringency that love is not everything, but it has a more unique taste compared to other wines.
Chianti - a dry red wine produced in the eponymous region, located in the heart of the Italian Tuscany. This wine is characterized by a violet aroma and tart taste. Chianti before serving, should have a temperature of 16 -18 ° C, then it will better reveal its taste. This wine is a great companion to pizza, pasta, meat dishes.
Beaujolais Nouveau, a young French wine, produced from grapes of Gamay in the historical region of France, Beaujolais (Burgundy). This wine is sold immediately after completion of the fermentation, i.e. six weeks after harvest. Under the laws of France, wine of fresh harvest officially presented on the third Thursday of each November. This day is often referred to as "Beaujolais festival". This wine has a bright, sharp flavor with a smooth fruity bouquet, which is made up of notes of cherry, currant and raspberry. It has almost no tannins. Beaujolais should be drunk chilled to +13оС, as a snack, it is usually served sliced meats and cheeses.