King Cabernet

Squad Cabernet includes a group of dry red wines produced in the French province of Bordeaux, and is divided by grape variety Cabernet-franc and Cabernet-Sauvignon. Unpretentious late-ripening Cabernet Sauvignon grapes readily take root and bears fruit in different climatic conditions and taste it so individual that to confuse this wine with one of his fellow impossible. Classic Cabernet Sauvignon has a very mild astringency of tannins, moderate acidity, presence mandatory aftertaste of currant and cherry, while the signature aroma of violets at all unique to him. In young wine, you can feel a subtle hint of saffron, which, when ripe, drink ennobled. Expensive Cabernet can stand up to 10 years, peaking in the development of organoleptic properties.

Because of its mild astringency of Cabernet is ideal for meat and fatty foods, removes radionuclides, is bactericidal.

Witchcraft Sherry

Wine connoisseurs say that the real sherry can only be made in Andalusia. No country in the world cannot reach the same level of dryness of the wine, aroma and unusual taste with hints of fresh yeast.

Very unusual looks bodega room where infused wine. Old building with very high arches, and an incredible number of barrels that stand on each other. From the bottom row of bottled wines. After the bottling of wine in the bottom tier topped up with sherry from the second, the second row from the third, etc. Barrels here are always busy, participating in an endless process. Themselves to barrels of sherry is made only from American oak, and their lifespan lasts up to 70-80 years, unlike other things are where the wine barrels are changed every 3 years.

In barrels always leave room for air, which is formed on the surface yeast flora film, giving the drink a unique flavor and taste. Aging under Flor can last up to 15 years, and then the light appears a really precious sherry.

The Diversity Of Riesling

The main German wine German Riesling is just amazing. Dry, semisweet, sweet, Icewine is all Riesling. A century ago white Riesling was considered the most expensive, surpassing the value of the famous Bordeaux. Riesling is an amazing grape that loves cool. Therefore, for the majority of technological processes required reduced temperature. To preserve the freshness of the wines harvested berries cooled a little. The process of fermentation and fermentation also occurs at low (17оС) temperature. It is because of such a gentle processing are born very fresh wine with a rich aroma of spices, green Apple, citrus, peach and even green grass. Types of sweet Riesling is also striking for its freshness and balanced taste.