How to choose the "right" fat

You need to choose the peritoneum – the part where the fat is punctuated by layers of meat. This part is for the traditional method of salting fat is harsh, but if you do the fat in onion skins, the meat will be perfect. First of all, you need to buy it in the market from a trusted seller. If the seller is unfamiliar, note its appearance, neatness, cleanliness of hands. Then inspect the goods that you will offer. To cut the fat should be yellowish, fatty layer should have a pale pink hue. The skin should be thin. Smell the selected piece – odor should be absent.
Nutritionists recommend weekly to eat about 100-150 grams of fat, it is better with garlic and wholegrain bread.

Salting the fat in onion skins

For this delicious snack you will need;
- 1 kg of fat streaked with meat;
- 1 Cup of salt;
- water – 1 liter;
- the husk of 10-12 follicles;
- 5-6 cloves of garlic;
- 3-4 Bay leaves;
- 3-4 peas of fragrant pepper;
- spicy red pepper on the tip of a knife.

Make a deep longitudinal incisions on the inner side of a piece of bacon, taking care not to damage the skin. Prepare the brine for pickling the bacon. Pour water into the pan, pour salt in it, put on fire and boil. When the water starts boiling, put in a pot of clean onion peels and turn heat down to a minimum. After 5 minutes put in a pan the fat, the water should completely cover the piece. Cook the bacon for 15 minutes, then remove the pan from the heat and leave to cool, covering with a lid. After 15 minutes, remove the bacon and cool. If a piece of bacon a little curdled, do not worry - this happens because the meat layer is compressed in the boiling water more than a layer of fat. Expand the bacon and put under oppression. In this capacity, you can use a quart jar with water.
Eating fat helps to decrease deposits of cholesterol on the walls of blood vessels. It contains selenium that have anti-tumor properties and arahidonova acid, regulating metabolic processes in the body.

Cloves of garlic crush the flat side of a knife, finely chop, put in a small bowl and crumble in there Laurel leaves, breaking them by hand, add crushed flat side of a knife allspice, pour the red pepper and stir.

RUB with spices the surface of a piece of bacon on all sides. Wrap it in plastic wrap as tightly as possible to avoid air bubbles. Put on a plate and leave to soak at room temperature for 3-4 hours to let the spices permeated the meat, then it can be removed in the freezer. Ready that fat is the next day.