Prepare the bacon for Smoking

This step involves ordinary salting, when the fat is cut into strips 2-3 cm wide and a length of 6-7 inches, which will provide the optimal product proclivity. So about 4 kilos of raw material will need the following ingredients: a pound of large stone of salt, a couple tablespoons of black pepper, a little chopped dill and a couple cloves of garlic. All they need to be mixed thoroughly, then RUB with spices and pieces of fat.

Then the fat should be placed in a tray or other container, with only the sandpaper down and very tight. It is not necessary to set aside salt away, as after laying the first layer, it should be good again sprinkle and spread the second layer with which to do the same. Then the fat is necessary to put the yoke around 3-4 pounds and leave it for 4-5 days in a cool and dark place.

Suitable for later Smoking and preparing of bacon in brine, which is prepared in the following manner: to add to 5 litres of boiled water a pound of salt, which then should be well mixed, and then placed in liquid slices of bacon. In brine product prepared in about two weeks. After that, the fat you need to get out of the water and leave to air out and dry for about two days.

Hot and cold Smoking bacon

The first way is to put on the bottom of the smokehouse slightly dampened sawdust, over which is placed a grating of salted bacon. Then you need to light a fire and wait for the formation of charcoal from sawdust, then place the smoker on some more coals to the device for Smoking was heated from the outside, and close the smoker lid. The product thus prepared about half an hour, after which still have to ripen in a cool place for a couple of days. The process of ripening is very important, as with them fat is just delicious.

The second method of Smoking is somewhat slower than the first, and lasts about 4-5 days. In this case, smokehouse bacon on the grill must be put on kindled the firewood and bring the inside temperature up to 30 ° C, at which the fat must coptics specified time.

Important the Smoking process of bacon is the choice of wood for him: the perfect is considered the deciduous tree species, since conifers are able to tell product some bitterness due to the large number of pitches. You can use fruit plants, as well as beech or hornbeam. Also message fat refined taste for wood can be sprinkled with walnut shell.