Confidence in their own abilities is an essential attribute of charismatic men. People see that the man has no doubts in themselves and in their actions and are drawn to him. Be positive, start a conversation with topics that are interesting to others, engage them with your conversation. Biggest mistake is to keep the conversation blaming or condemning anyone. Such conversations initially create a negative atmosphere and repel the interlocutors.

Don't doubt your words, speak with confidence. Keep calm the tone and pace of the conversation, emphasize on important words, increasing the rhythm or the volume of your voice. Speak clearly. To test your confidence, write down your speech on a dictaphone and listen to it.

Body language

A person's confidence and his comfort is well read in his body language. Improper movement always give insecure, shy and timid person. It is important to behave so that others won't have doubts about your confidence in their words and actions. Entering an unfamiliar room or getting surrounded by strangers, go hard to walk and keep your posture is the first thing that gives an insecure person. Welcoming anyone to meet him a firm handshake, smile and look at it straight in the eye. During a conversation, stand or sit face-to-face, keep your hands away from your face and not crossed on your chest.
Train your body language, standing before the mirror. Pretend that someone is talking and watch his actions.

Raise the self-esteem of the interlocutors

Charismatic man is able to speak with anyone on any topic. He knows how to listen, to give confidence to someone that says, to make him feel the center of the universe. Not towering himself in front of the interlocutor, do not interrupt him. At the same time, do not let him feel the superiority over the other, respect him, but be his equal.

Sincerely interested in the life and Affairs of the interlocutor, but not be obtrusive. Make him feel your interest in the conversation. Always remember the names of their interlocutors. Not forgetting a person's name, you enhance its own importance, when you meet him next time.
Charismaticace does not mean that other people are just a pleasure to chat with you. Don't think about what you are thinking, be self-sufficient and radiate confidence.

A sense of humor

People are always attracted to witty interlocutors, able to joke. A charismatic person should be able to create an atmosphere of fun without making any effort to do so. First of all, learn to laugh at yourself, but don't laugh at your flaws, do not engage in self-abasement. This skill is always a matter of respect of others, it is a sign of true charisma. Keep in mind that who you talk to when you include a sense of humor. For example, with people dressing and acting freely, uninhibited, you can use sharp jokes. To sensitive people who can not tolerate criticism very different approach. Only use harmless and short jokes. Be able to impress others, keep their interest in the conversation.