Before you start to change, define your type of temperament, study its characteristic properties. Let's see, what would you like to change, and that you are quite satisfied. So, sanguine is active, sociable people who are pretty well in control of your emotions, but they are easily distracted from Affairs if they are monotonous and boring. Choleric is also very flexible, happy to undertake new business and surrender to him with all the passion. The disadvantages of this type of temperament are unbalance, easy excitability, irritability. Melancholic rather passive, vulnerable, prefer to be in an environment where they are all familiar. But is this type and the pros. Melancholic is able to experience deep and constant feelings. Phlegmatic is very difficult to deduce from myself, they have a vast reserve of calm and patience, stubbornly go to the goal. But such people are not very sociable, stingy with emotions, menuhotkey.
Think, and whether you need these changes. You probably like more sociable and active people, but will you feel comfortable in the same role? Or, on the contrary, you are too emotional and jealous of the more restrained people. But if you learn to control your feelings, how will this affect your life? Will it not become less interesting for you. May not have anything to do with temperament, and you should pick up the relevant interests, Hobbies, work, find your circle of friends. Or develop the positive characteristics that are specific to your type of temperament.
If you decided to change and decided on what qualities you want to change, start working on yourself. Develop a program that will be your change. Take on Board the advice of psychologists, a variety of psychological exercises that will help you to achieve your goal. For example, you're on your type of temperament relate to the choleric. And you would like to become more balanced, to learn to control your emotions. One of the most popular advice in this case: that moment, when you feel that you start to boil, count to 5 or 10. This will not let the emotions out. Or leave the room, not to see the object of your irritation, negative feelings will subside by themselves. Of course, not at once you will notice that you become more relaxed, but if you follow these tips constantly, sooner or later will notice a change in your temperament.
Can register for trainings aimed at the development of certain qualities. For example, you find it difficult to communicate with others, you are inactive, insecure. Go on courses that will help you gain confidence, learn to meet and communicate with other people, etc.