Before you strive to become a charismatic personality, determine what exactly that means. Most psychologists and sociologists are inclined to believe that charisma is a personal quality that is recognized by the society of the unusual and intriguing. Due to this as such a person attracts others like a magnet.
Have your own opinion. Without this charisma about you can forget. As a rule, charismatic man knows what he wants and how to achieve it. If you are accepting on faith someone else's opinion, not wanting to defend her, you will not be able to offer people anything new, which means that you will have the same "punch" without which it is impossible to imagine a man leading a.
Be confident, do not pass before difficulties and always go forward. Determination plays a huge role in the formation of charisma.
Be optimistic, believe in what you certainly can do it. People with dark eyes will not be able to conquer with their charm, resourcefulness, etc. To charisma, you need to learn to savor each moment and to go through life with a smile.
Try to understand human psychology. In many ways, the charisma is associated with the ability to influence people. If you will meet some of the psychological principles and regularities, your Affairs will go more successfully. However, note that here we are not talking about manipulative practices. Remember, the charismatic personality must possess high moral character, which means that the space for manipulation in its activities and the mind should not be.
Visit special trainings aimed at development of communication skills. Competent consultations of experts will make you more charismatic and influential person. Combined with the natural charm of the new skills will definitely have an effect.