To pay for using the terminal, locate the apparatus QIWI. Then in the device menu select "Payment services". In the list select "Internet".
Among providers, select the name of your provider of Internet services and tap your finger on the corresponding icon. If you can't find the desired unit by name, use the search option, available by pressing the "Search" button at the bottom of the device screen.
Enter the number of your contract for Internet service provider, using the on-screen keyboard of the terminal. Then click on the "next" button and confirm the data. If the number was entered correctly, click "Next".
Start making cash via the bill acceptor apparatus. After the transaction confirm on the screen the amount and take the check. Internet payment via QIWI terminal is completed and the money will be credited in the shortest possible period of time.
To pay online via QIWI go to "Registration" and enter your phone number and the activation code will be sent to you as SMS. The same code will be your password to access your account. Click "Register". If you were previously registered in the system, use the "Sign in" at the right side of the page.
Go to "Payment services" - "Internet". Select your operator, using the search on the page or the screen options. Specify the appropriate payment method, which allows us to use the service transfer funds with your mobile phone, Bank card, or any of the common electronic payment systems.
Confirm the transaction using one of the methods offered by your Bank or service make a payment, after entering your credit card or electronic payment system. Wait until the end of the transaction and receive notification when the balance is replenished.