Ways to Fund Qiwi wallet

Qiwi international payment system, who cares about that, to be convenient for customers to recharge your wallet. To make money at the expense of "Kiwi" in several ways:

- by cash through payment terminals, ATMs, mobile phone stores;

- translation from virtual wallets linked to the account;

- Bank card from a personal account or ATM;

- from a mobile phone tied to the account;

- Bank transfers.

Everyone will choose a convenient form of replenishment.

Quickly, and most importantly, without problems, you can add "Kiwi" with a cell phone is a simple, clear and accessible way. This is done from the online account in one click. Select "transfer between accounts" and enter the amount. Fat minus – high transfer fee. Depending on the mobile network provider it ranges from 3.9 to 9.9%. You can associate Qiwi and WebMoney, Yandex.Money and to top-up their wallet balance for a small percentage.

It is possible to replenish qiwi personal Cabinet with any credit card, and the card of Sberbank. Do the manipulations in that order drop – down list, select "add account" → "credit card". Fill in the form and press "pay". Check the option "attach the card", the card account will be linked automatically, subsequent payments will not be required to enter her details. The amount of the fee determined by the Bank.

Replenishment of Kiwi without a fee

Profitable for the family budget to fill up Kiwi without a fee. You can throw the money from the card Alfa Bank via the Internet Bank Alfa-Click and mobile Bank BKS-online using the phone or tablet. In VTB 24 ATMs that support cash-in might instantly "throw cash" at Kivi without a fee. To help replenish the balance of the purse the salons of communication "Coherent" and "Euroset".

A convenient method of depositing a large amount − terminals Qiwi and partners: Rapid, "the System city", "Sprintnet" and others. They are practically at every step. 0% Commission if you join the balance for the sum more than 500 rubles.

Without a fee you can transfer money on Kiwi, using the services of money transfer system Contact, Unistream, Lider or any Bank − to-Bank transfer arrives within three days.