Preparing for the knitting topic

Calculate the right amount of the working yarn, choose the right pattern for your topic and make sure to perform a small (about 10x10 cm) canvas sample. So you can adjust the size of the future product, will compare the density of the knitting from a pattern and not make mistakes in the process.

For example: the girl with a growth of 92 sm it is possible to take 100 grams of yarn, which is 55% cotton and 45% faux fur (polyacrylic). You'll need thin, straight spokes №2,5, and a pair of circular, one auxiliary needle and the hook of the same diameter.
To accentuate the lace of the form of the outfit and make knit fabric by air, be sure to choose a fairly thin thread.

Practice in the implementation of the basic pattern. Top for girls (in contrast to the warm tank tops) must have a breathable, porous surface. The optimal variant of knitted fabrics – date information, which can be combined with the front surface ("face" paintings are the front loops to the reverse side – the reverse).

The execution of pattern "Bulgarian cross"

One of the easiest crocheted patterns for beginners – the so-called "Bulgarian cross." The mesh panel is generated based on nakido and throwing loops on the left side of the work. For training dial on straight needles loops (the number must be divisible by 3), add a few edge.

In the first row of knit openwork pattern of the sample perform the following sequence:

- 3 face; the first loop left loop through the second and third string ring; yo;
- at the end of the row make 3 facial; first loop the loop on the left.

The second row of the openwork tie back loops and to commence the third row:

- tie front; yo;
- 3 alternate facial loops with the thread thrown over the left ear and the subsequent stitches;
- at the end of a number do the front.

In the fourth row of the openwork make the reverse loop, and the fifth repeat of the pattern on the pattern of the first and fourth rows.

Knit top for girls on the spokes

Select a pattern and start working the plan: before of a topic, the back and seat Assembly of the product. For the front parts cut, stacked series (height 92 cm) should consist of loops 52. Knit openwork mesh fabric, until you reach the armholes. From this moment start to round before symmetrically from opposite sides, yet will be a total of 28 loops (24 shackle you close).
As the patterns of a topic you can use the scheme of knitting a child's vests, only use fishnet pattern and lightweight yarn.

Right and left cover:

- for the first time on 3 hinges;
- the second time a pair of loops;
- 7 times in one thread loop.

After formation of the openings follow a couple of rows and put the open loops on the auxiliary needle. Follow back detail topic facial surface by adjusting the dimensions of the canvas at the ready in front. Then do the yoke: assemble one spoke of the pending loop front detail cut; type 24 thread ring; pick up the loop of the rear part of a topic; re-dial 24 loops.

Davaite openwork yoke to the neckline, and then a test fitting of the dress pull the top products, do facial, through time promazyvaya together a pair of adjacent thread handles. Close the loops of the last row and make a hook on one edge of the yoke loops for clasps. Each will consist of three or four (depending on the size of the hardware) parts of the air chain and two columns without nakida.

Sew sides of a topic. At the bottom of the clothes dial on circular needles 104 string the bow and do a series of reverse loops. Next, place the end of the piece:

- a pair of adjacent loops together provarite the front and make yo; continue to end of round;
- 2 rows of knit facial surface;
- evenly make allowances (total 30 stitches);
4 provarite number of facial loops and re-make 30 increases;
- the final couple of rows run the wrong;
- close all the loops.

You will only need to sew to the back of the topic buttons and the desire to decorate the yoke in the front with beads.