You will need
  • cotton or wool yarn, knitting needles, circular needles №3,5 or 1,5
Crochet knitting sleeveless dresses you'll need about 250 g of cotton yarn (5 skeins 50 grams). And the dress with long sleeves will need 300-350 g woolen yarn. Choose a yarn made of natural fibers. Things for children well suited soft yarn of Merino wool (breed of sheep) or yarn containing 30-40% acrylic. For easy pick up dress classic cotton yarn. Before knitting make pattern for future dresses, according to their standards.
Next, associate a sample of 10*10 cm. Make the calculations: the number of loops for the stacked range and obivok based on the density of your knitting, texture and thickness of selected yarn for the dress.
First, proceed to knitting the upper part of the front. Crochet dresses with thick yarn use knitting needles No. 3.5, and for thin – № 1,5. Dial on the spokes of the required number of loops based on your calculations. Knit, forming the contours of the parts in accordance with your pattern. For the back tie the two parts, adding to 8 loops on each side for the strap. Here will be located the clasp of the dress. Strap knit garter knitting. Placket of left side part, do the holes for the buttons. Sew side and shoulder seams, baste the strap to the clasp.
The skirt of the dress can be linked to any fancy pattern, for example, leaves, pinecones or braids. Dial on circular needles the loops on the bottom, the resulting yoke. Loop spread so that the front and back of the dress was an equal number of motives. For this the total number of stitches must be divided by the number of stitches in the repeat motif. Knit the desired length of the skirt in a circle.
To tie the sleeves at the armhole dial loops and knit from the top down. Sleeve length depends on your desire, you can associate a short, long or 3/4 length.
The neckline, hemline and edge of sleeve make with lace. And a yoke decorated with embroidery or applique. It remains to sew the buttons to the strap on the back of the dress and wear a new outfit.