Make measurements for future shoulder - length and width considering allowance for fastening.
If the product is connected with the hook, dial a number in the form of a chain of air loops of a length slightly more than necessary. Work crochet small size. Second row knit columns with nakida in each loop. Very convenient to purl every row surrounded the tangle of thread in one direction, it's easier to adjust the desired length (to dobesilate, to dissolve both series). Knit as tightly as possible, proceed to the intended width.
Sew the straps to the bodice. Strap is not stretched in the process of socks, using Gypsy needle pass the thread of the main color between the bars throughout the length of the straps, starting from the back. Make one stitch on the front and skip the thread again in the opposite direction. Pull the thread ends, give-there straps suspend a convenient length, leave extra and secure. You can adjust the size, the strap is slightly ribbed and looks impressive.
If you work with needles, tie striped harness. Run the straps "Swiss patent" or double elastic. Take spokes for a size smaller than what you used to knit the thing. Determine the pattern size strips. Enter as many loops, so the total width was more than the planned two times. Proceed promazyvaya every front, taking the needle back (get hollow strap). Dawasa to the desired length, close the loop, sew the top and bottom.
Sew the straps to the product, they obtained quite elastic and at the same time don't stretch. Before fastening to invest for the density in the hollow part of the rubber band, tape, cloth. Try to tie the straps, gaining the initial loop right on the edge of the backrest at the rate of two loops from one major. Work tight binding, end strips attach to the front using a special double zipper "crocodile".