Harm points for eyes

Glasses – the most popular device for correction of human vision, despite the appearance of comfortable and invisible in the eye lens, they are still used by the majority of people. Points easy to use good improve vision and do not require careful maintenance. But it is believed that the glasses reduce visual acuity. One begins to see worse when the external eye muscles cease to work well and are unable to provide the desired shape of the lens. If you constantly wear glasses, according to many experts, the muscles will start to get used to this state and to atrophy. As a result, the vision continues to fall, the man goes to new glasses, and this situation is repeated. So often, patients are prescribed lenses with a little low diopters to load the muscles of the eye. In fact, the harm from points not exactly proved, there are instances when a person all his life, wears glasses, and his sight is not reduced, and conversely, many people visual acuity is getting worse, despite the fact that they do not use the devices for correction.

But certainly we can say that for eyes harmful incorrect glasses. Doctors say that if a person wears a device with lenses that are not destined for its performance, then his eyesight will deteriorate by approximately 5% per year. So pick up points need only have a competent specialist, it is important to check both eyes. The doctor should not only choose the desired number of dioptres for each eye, but also to determine the focus and distance between pupils.

Cheap sunglasses from plastic or any material which transmits the sun rays is also harmful to the eyes, they cause burns of the cornea and cataract.

Harm contact lenses for eyes

Modern contact lenses are breathable, soft lie on the eye, without causing inconvenience and causing a scratch, well correct vision, providing a full overview, whereas with glasses peripheral vision remains poor. But the damage from mismatched lenses can be more than from improperly selected glasses as the lenses snug against the eye, are constantly in contact with the mucosa, can RUB the eyes, causing corneal erosion, conjunctivitis, ulcers, and other diseases.

Buying lenses is necessary only in specialized salon or center vision correction after inspection specialist.

The lack of care and improper use of contact lenses also lead to unpleasant consequences. The lenses need to be cleaned every day, stored in a special solution to put on and take off only with clean and dry hands, otherwise it could get infected.