The lenses are a modern form of points. This is a pretty popular type of optics among people who have problems with vision. Lenses will provide you clear vision only in the case if you properly care for them. It should be noted that they are not exactly cheap, but their eyes can not save.

Keep the lenses

Be sure to periodically change solutions and containers that hold this kind of optics. If this is not done, the lenses can appear harmful germs. At first they will be reproduced directly on the optics, and then "attack" your eyes, affecting the cornea.

Infection in the eye can even ordinary contaminated water. So don't use it to clean the container and lenses. In the process of disinfecting is best to use specifically for this solution.

How to properly care for the lenses?

Follow this plan:
- rinse the container in which to store the optics filtered water and rinse it with a special solution;
- wipe lens disinfecting mixture on both sides;
- place in a clean container.

How long can you wear contact lenses?

The portability of this type of individual optics. If the lenses are made of more modern soft materials, they can be worn approximately 12 hours. If this type of optics are made of tougher substances, then the period of use should not exceed 10 hours a day. In any case, do not leave them in the eyes during sleep.

"To wear lenses and not shoot" — the consequences

If constantly to use such optics, the cornea begins to experience an excess of oxygen. This is due to the fact that it breathes air, and the lens overlaps it. In order to somehow provide themselves with oxygen, the cornea begins to grow vessels to take it from the blood. In the process this can occur loss of vision.

How to avoid problems?

The basic rules for wearing contact lenses are:
carefully pick this kind of optics to your eyes is not overtired.
- do not skimp on the multi-purpose solution for lenses.
- properly wear and remove.
- you should not use contact lenses during the period of infectious diseases.
- in case of redness of the eyes immediately consult your doctor.

If you follow all the above rules, there are no unpleasant consequences will not occur. If you have any questions about contact lenses, contact eye care center and there to answer them.