Before choosing lenses for the eye, to be examined by an ophthalmologist. During this examination the doctor will test visual acuity, corneal sensitivity, and type of eyes ofNoah microflora and several indicators
After passing all the tests, you need to choose the type of lens and the manufacturer. As a rule, based on the results of the examination, the doctor advises a certain type of lenses. But in addition can offer you to choose from a list of manufacturers. You can choose any of them. It is best to give preference to foreign manufacturers soft lenses.
After you select manufacturer, you must decide how often you will wear contact lenses. If you plan to wear them as necessary, it is better to give preference to the conventional lenses. They can be worn up to twelve hours a day, and before bed they should be removed and put in a special container in the solution. For swimming, these lenses are not suitable, they can be easily washed away with water. To use such lenses can be from eight months to a year.
You can select lenses for eye much more comfortable in terms of their use. Special lenses can be worn for up to one month. On the packaging such lenses shall specify the period during which they can not be removed. Such lenses do not require maintenance, they can swim and sleep. They are much more expensive than usual.
If you decide to make adjustments to their appearance to change the color of the eye, you need special lenses. In these models, the color of the cornea of the eyeand changes depending on the color most lenses. There are unusual figures, such as in the form of cat's eyesor with different patterns.
Choosing lenses for the eye, it is necessary to remember about the basic rules of wearing them. Can't touch them with unwashed hands, to use for cleansing and storage of lenses plain water, sleeping in inappropriate contact lenses, use them together with another person and swap the left and right lenses.