Model engagement rings

Traditionally, wedding rings have smooth surface, symbolizing a smooth and good relationship of husband and wife. Wedding superstition says that rings with faceted or grooved surface with exposed stone can be the cause of constant quarrels. For the same reason, it is desirable that the decoration was made of homogeneous metal.

Any strict requirements to the material does not exist – often buy gold rings, but can also be worn silver, platinum, and titanium products. Recently gaining popularity of the white gold alloy of gold with other metals, which give it a unique silvery matte color.
If you want to follow tradition, choose a ring without notches, stones, and complex design elements. The simpler will be the form, the better.

How to choose engagement ring

The width of the rings it is advisable to choose based on the size of your fingers. Girls with thin little fingers fit the narrow ring widths of up to five millimeters, men should choose wider. Fingers large women fine jewelry will not look good. Form may also be different: are most comfortable ring with a flat inner surface, but you can choose round and flat.
It is very important that the husband and wife design engagement rings was about the same, despite different widths. It says something about matching tastes and interests, in addition, different styles of jewelry will look weird during a wedding.

It is important that the ring not only liked but was good quality and comfortable. When choosing decorations, remember that by the evening the fingers are a little swollen, so to make the fitting better in the second half of the day. Examples of ring, play a few of your usual gestures to understand how comfortable it sits on your finger. At the slightest discomfort, refrain from this option, even if you liked the looks. In just a few seconds if you become uncomfortable, a few hours of socks can lead to blisters.

If you buy a ring with a stone, it is desirable to select channel form of fastening, which is considered the most durable. And the surface in this case will remain smooth. Best stones for engagement rings are diamonds, but at a price they do not all fit. Sapphires over time, darken, and emerald is a fragile stone, with a constant wear it may break.

Do not make hasty decisions, because engagement rings are worn constantly, throughout life, if the marriage is strong. Try on any options several times, carefully inspect a piece of jewelry – it should not be scratches and stains. If you are unable to make a choice, order your exclusive model in the workshop.