It's not just jewelry, it's the beginning of a happy married life. Therefore, the decision of this question must be approached with full responsibility.

In ancient Greece it was believed that the inside of the ring finger is the "vein of love" leading to the heart. And as a sign of everlasting love and fidelity, the couple wore each other on the ring finger of your right hand engagement ring. Before the bride received as a gift from the groom to the ring first the engagement and then the wedding, and then wear both rings.

In our days the couple choose wedding rings together. In jewelry stores presented quite a diverse range of engagement rings, ranging from design to material goods. Therefore, in order not to make mistakes and to choose the engagement ring, prepare in advance, and these tips will help you with this.

Define your style. Look closely at your hand and determine what kind of ring will suit you. If you have long slim fingers, you should pay attention to the fine, delicate rings with small stones. But if the handle is plump, you'll like the wide ring. It is important to determine your size. Don't forget that the hands are sometimes swollen or you can to get better.

Want a ring with a stone? Don't forget about the properties of stones. Ideal - a diamond ring. It is a stone that promises eternal love emerald - love, ruby – passionate. Do not buy a wedding ring with amethyst, it is believed to be the widow's stone, and can bring loneliness. You can wear it in pair with the earrings. So it is not necessary to buy a ring with a dark stone.

Is not necessary that an engagement ring should be gold. It can be silver, or platinum. Jewelry are not only made of pure gold or silver. For the strength of the product, for jewelry use alloy metal with content of copper, zinc, Nickel and palladium. The gold content in the product you decide on his sample. Russia has the highest Proba – 900. In this product the gold content is 90%. Yet we call it pure gold. Low sample – 375. You can also find 750, 583 and 500 samples. In the United States and the EU use the Karat system. The product is 24 carat quality corresponds to our pure gold, and then in descending order: 21, 18, 14 carats.

Check the quality of wedding rings, it is easy to do. If you throw a gold ring on a flat surface, it will rebound with a distinctive melodious bell – the product of good quality. Welded ring emits a dull sound.

Gold can be distinguished by the shades. The most common classical kind of products from red gold. The most expensive white. In the West, popular engagement rings in yellow gold.

The average price of engagement rings range from$ 125 to$ 200. Rings made from expensive alloy from$ 400 to$ 600. In some cases, from 900$ and higher. Most often it is jewelry made of platinum.

Finally, buying an engagement ring, be sure to look at the marking inside the product. There should be hallmarked and maker's mark. Make sure that all markings are in place. Try to choose the classic version of the ring. Because you buy it not for one year, and it has to like you and after many, many years.