The entry into adulthood indicates the need for you to become more serious. Learn to refer to things with understanding and responsibility is possible if to carry out work on their character.

Less mess

Sense of humor is an important and positive human quality. However, the jokes should stop. Not all events can be illuminated with a funny side, and you, as a serious man should remember this.

Sometimes the desire to make fun of, to laugh at something borders on stupidity and immaturity. Maybe laughter is your defensive reaction to the hardships of life. Good that you found your way to save your own nerves and not to succumb to sadness. However, sometimes the problems require real solutions, not avoiding them.
You don't need to turn into a nerd. It is important to find a balance between wit and seriousness, so that when a suitable occasion to make a joke, and important case to refrain from displaying a sense of humor.


If you decide to get serious, you need to define their own life goals. Think about what you want to see yourself and surrounding reality in five, ten or fifteen years. Based on this, you now need to plan their activities.

Discard absorbers of time and energy. Senseless partying, sitting in front of the TV or computer should be left in the past. Focus on your studies or work. Try to achieve your career heights worthy of you and your future.

Think about your health. Exercise, watch the diet and daily routine. Perhaps such trite advice you meet so often that they cease to perceive them, but self-care really contributes to the development of responsibility for their body and their health, and in proper relation to way of life helps us to become more serious.

Change your way

A revision of your wardrobe. Let's see what kind of things it is dominated by. If it's mainly sports and youth, trendy clothing, where you can go for a walk, in cafes, in the club, but not for an important meeting in the office or perhaps the theater, think.

Of course, you have the right to freedom of expression through clothing. And if your work or study is not a strict dress code, you have no objective need to buy clothes in a classic style, which you do not like.

But, on the other hand, the garments that make up your image, have a significant impact not only on how others perceive you, but your behavior and even thoughts.
For the sake of experiment try to wear a serious suit, and will notice that began to behave more like an adult, a serious man, not an immature individual.

Be a responsible person

A serious man from the varmint features the ability to take responsibility, not escape from all sorts of obligations. If you want to settle down, get used to responsibility for their words, actions and life in General. It is not necessary to shift the blame for your failures on the circumstances and live the mind of other people.

Get used to critical, independent thinking. After all, most under foreign influence fall immature personality. Of course, to be able to make important decisions, you need to understand many things. Here and engage in self-education and expanding his horizons.