The term "cache" is hidden a certain area of disk or memory, which stores data at the time when you are in the network. The computer saves them so that when you access this page the next time to download the files again, and just substitute them from your memory. This action significantly reduces traffic speeds, but sometimes it happens that the stored files do not correspond more content of the page and you encounter some problems. This may be a wrong display of website design, the inability to enter the site under your login and password failure when trying to download a photo on a website and much more.
A cache stores temporary Internet files
If your computer starts to handle such failures, it is the time to clean the browser cache. The browser, in case you don't know, is a program with which you surf the web. The most famous browsers are Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome. Each clearing cache will vary in detail, but in General will be about the same. For menu select Tools (Tools or Services) – Internet Optionen – Delete private data – Delete Cache. The path to clearing the cache will be a little different not only in different browsers but also different versions of the same browser, so cleaning it is better to use specially intended for these purposes program.
Sometimes this prevents the browser from working
An example of such a program may be the CCleaner. The program is free, easily downloaded from the developer's site and just seamlessly installs on your home computer. The presence of Russian interface allows you to understand it without any difficulty. Close all browsers and include CCleaner, click "Cleanup". In a few minutes (or seconds) the program will notify you that the process was successful, you will only be surprised at the amount of freed disk space. The rule is the periodic use CСleaner, and you no longer have to be afraid of the words "clean browser cache".
Better to clean your browser's cache special tools