To remove information from the cacheand the browser has the appropriate options. So if you are working in the most famous and popular browser, Internet Explorer to clean the cacheand open the menu "Tools" and select "Internet options" - "General". In the opened window locate the "Temporary Internet files" and click "Delete". The removal process can take some time. After it click "OK".
When running in the browser Mozilla Firefox, open the menu "Tools", then "Settings". In the opened window select the tab "Advanced" - "Network". Under "Offline storage", click "Clear now", then click "OK".
In that case, if you use browser "Opera" to clean the cacheand select the menu "Tools" the item "Delete private data". A window will appear where you can select which data is to be deleted. Then hit "Remove" and close the window. The cache can be emptied and so: open: "Tools" - "Settings" - "Advanced" - "History". In the opened window click "Clear". You can configure automatic cleanup of the cacheand shutdown, to do this, check "empty on exit".
If you are using Google Chrome, open settings by tapping the wrench icon. Select "Tools" then "Clear browsing data". Select what data you want to delete, in this case, the cache. Click "Delete browsing data".
In browser Safari cache is cleared, open the menu "edit", select "Clear cache" and press "Clear".
Clearing the cache isespecially useful if you work on another computer. So nobody saw what sites you visit, always clean the cache – it stores links to all the pages you have visited.