As a rule, in all browsers the default options for saving the cache without deleting. Over time, the cache takes up large amount of memory. There is a need to clear the cache yourself. Removal there are different methods used for automatic cleaning in each browser.

To clear the cache in Internet Explorer is required to "Menu" choose "Service" and in the resulting tab select "Internet options". You can immediately remove the cache from the "browsing History" by pressing the "Delete" button. Then select "Temporary Internet files" and also produce destruction. Confirm the selected action and close the window according to user's requirement of Internet Explorer have cleaned up with the help of built-in tools.

Fans of the Opera browser, you must activate the tab "Tools" and select "Settings". In the window that appears go to the Advanced tab and choose "History" section. Will appear a button "Clear" next to "Disk cache" - press. The cache is cleared.

A similar algorithm is clearing cache in Firefox. Similarly, through the menu "Tools", go to "Options". On the "Privacy" tab find the item "Cache" and activate the "Clear" button. Confirm the selected operation by clicking on the "finish" button. Starting from version 3.5 to expedite menu press Ctrl+Shift+Del, and immediately get the tab to clear the cache.

Google Chrome is also able to clear the cache correctly and independently. You can use the same Firefox with Ctrl+Shift+Del to directly go to a bookmark to clear the cache. In the appeared window you have to select to delete the following sections: clearing browsing history, download history, files, cokie, filling in data forms and passwords, and to choose the period from the last day to clear for all time to the browser. Then activate the start cleaning using the button "Clear browsing data". The browser will perform the cleaning of the cache.