Types of fish suitable for frying

Fry in a pan or on open fire can be almost any marine fish. Especially tasty are the species whose meat is soft: tilapia, halibut, sole, sea bass, bream, cod, navaga, pelengas, sea bass and flounder. Great for frying and fatty red fish such as salmon, sea trout or salmon. The advantage of this fish is that it has a small number of large bones, so is it more pleasant. This product is especially to the liking of children, who often do not have the patience to get all the bones.

Very tasty on the pan is also such a small sea fish like capelin. Before frying it you only need to remove the gills, wash it and dry on a napkin. Of course, the smell while cooking capelin emits a very strong and specific, but it has a pleasant sweetish taste. In addition, it is safe to eat with small bones, so they soften during cooking.

Equally delicious after frying succeed and some varieties of river fish. The meat of carp, for example, when this method of cooking is especially sweet. And small bones of steel in the fish less visible on the sides of a crucian it is possible to make shallow cross-cuts. Suitable for frying also fat mirror carp and catfish. For those who prefer less fatty fish, you can fry in a pan cut into pieces perch.

But fried river trout though, and has a pleasant taste, at the same time can produce an unpleasant smell Tina. To get rid of it, the fish must first be thoroughly gut and wash under running water, then scraped off with a blunt knife slime from the skin and rinse again. After that, the trout should be soaked for 3 hours in cold salted water. But before cooking again wash and a little dry on the napkin.

How to fry a fish

To fried fish was particularly tasty, it is best to cook fresh product. Small fish can be fried whole, and large, for example walleye or carp, it is better to cut it into small pieces. Frozen fish must be pre-thawed at room temperature, then wash and dry the cloth.

To the fish formed a crispy crust, it needs to be salt and roll in flour before frying. But only to cook in hot oil. Fillet of sea fish delicious also obtained in the usual batter of eggs, salt and flour.