What a bore

Varieties of nerds a lot. For example, the nerd-pedant who believed that absolutely any thing in the house should occupy a certain place, and all the cups in the China Cabinet turned in a certain direction to have their handles parallel to each other. And God forbid his household to break this rule! The bore will be long and annoying to explain how important it is that the cups were arranged in this way. What exactly is the importance of, and known only to him.
Boring pedant sincerely believe that any person required to be precise and accurate, and any attempt to convince he is met with hostility.

Or, for example, boring gossip who knows everything about the tenants of his house. Who is doing what in your free time, what transfer sees on TV, and who is unfaithful to his wife, who is waiting for a promotion. All of these priceless information, it the most detailed way puts anyone: co-worker, relative or fellow traveler.

Very severe case – a bore, a whiner, in constant depression. He sincerely believes himself to be a miserable person. At home nobody loves no one at work appreciates, the PC freezes due to sneaky hackers, the weather worse, the store regularly slip expired products. On all these misfortunes, a bore, a whiner exhaustively tells any listener, in the hope that it will regret, I sympathize.
If a bore, a whiner is not getting pity, he was even more depressed.

Slightly better than boring-a nerd. Often he has an encyclopedic knowledge and a phenomenal memory. And thus considers it his sacred duty to share their knowledge, to "bestow" on anyone enormous volumes of information, including highly specialized, of interest only to a limited circle of people. He never even asks whether it is necessary for the person to know if it this topic.

How to avoid boring

To communicate with such people – a very dubious pleasure. Therefore, if the boring is not one of your loved ones, it is best not to maintain any relations. If he's still "caught" you, try as quickly as possible to end the conversation. "I am very busy, in a hurry, I have no time!" - and go. Don't be afraid to seem impolite, tactless. If you happen to have a close relative-a nerd, let's learn how to transfer his attention to another topic.