Do not load others with their problems. Not worth it to thoroughly tell them about all his misadventures. Otherwise, you will notice that you will begin to avoid. Give less detail to his companion. He is sure he will ask you what you want to know in detail.
Don't lose your sense of humor. The absence of an integral sign of tediousness. Do not take life seriously a hundred percent, do not take everything literally. Relax and smile at the joke, and not to challenge the facts that were mentioned in it.
Do not impose their society. If you can't talk, maybe he just doesn't want to talk with you at the moment. Don't insist and find the other participant in the conversation.
Leave alone the small details. Learn to identify the main, the main, leaving the rest of inconsequential details. Otherwise, you may find the surface a pedant and, of course, a Downer.
Watch the reaction of people. Then you will be able to understand that you're tired, even if you won't say it directly. Gradually you will develop the habit to end the conversation before he gets bored him. Remember that all necessary measure.
Don't showcase your education and awareness. Others can be annoying if you interrupt and correct them. Sometimes it is better to prevent inaccuracy, than to destroy relationships with colleagues and friends. Don't be too cocky.
Stop finding fault with my relatives, colleagues and friends. Understand that they have the right to decide for themselves how to live, and your opinion is not always the right thing.
Learn to think big. Don't look at the situation only from one side. Often put yourself in the shoes of other people. Expand your horizons, and with it the world. To do this, you can learn something new and to travel.
Develop imagination. Read more fiction. Do some drawing or crafts. Pay attention to your creative inclinations and find a hobby like.