Advice 1: How to become bolder

Some people do not have enough determination to achieve their goals and more effective communication with others. Such individuals need a little arrogance, ability to defend their point of view and more actively protect their own interests.
How to become bolder
Sometimes if shyness becomes a barrier between you and your dreams, it is time to discard shyness and become more arrogant, ambitious man.

Remember about your goals

Direct all your energy on achieving your goals. If there is something you really want, do everything you can to achieve this. Greatest wish is to help you to cast aside modesty for the sake of obtaining some benefits.
It is important that your value was true, otherwise the motivation will be insufficient.

Use every opportunity to get closer to fulfilling their tasks. Tune in and act decisively if life gives you a chance. Otherwise, your place will be someone else, but the benefits you deserve with your skills and work, will take a more enterprising person.

Build your confidence

To purchase some of the arrogance you need the self-confidence. Increase your self-esteem, indecision and doubt. If you're not yourself, you do not have enough moral strength to do what you want.

Adequate self-assessment will help you to protect their interests in those moments when someone encroaches. As soon as another person tries to hurt you, you will be able to stand up to him. Be sure that are worthy of only good, and do not let your rights have been violated.

Get rid of the habit to put the opinions of others above your own. Your view should be the priority. Believe me, there will always be people who disagree with your position, envious or judgmental, whatever you do.
Once and for all determine what is more important: how you will look in the eyes of other people, or will you be able to defend their case and their own principles.

Be tougher

Maybe you are too soft, compliant people. Kindness is a positive quality, but it doesn't have to bear the expense of its owner. Think about whether you're going against your own goals when you agree to help someone. A healthy ego and the ability to say "no" when you are uncomfortable to meet the request of a friend, just necessary for survival in modern society.

Perhaps the ability to Express themselves, to demand or ask for what you deserve, and to observe primarily the interests of their own is arrogance. But if you don't get feedback from others and dissatisfied with his life, such arrogance you just can not hurt. Gain self-respect and courage and don't give in to others if you don't want.

Advice 2 : How to begin to live with confidence

A huge number of people around the world would like to become more confident. And it's necessary for success, because only faith in yourself will allow you to achieve the goal that you will give yourself. Anyway, it is necessary to believe in the success of any business before you set a goal. Otherwise, it will be a banal dream.
How to begin to live with confidence

There is no sphere in which would not be useful to your confidence. This and life when you often have to guess the intentions of another person. Even for earning large amount of money, you must be confident. Only then can we achieve happiness. And did you know that the majority of suicides occur precisely because of the insecurity. You need to love yourself for who you are.

But how do you become more confident? The first thing to understand is that it is a long process that takes a lot of strength. You will have to experience suffering, which you have not felt. So train your will power. All these sufferings will lead to regress, and that's fine, because to transform yourself very difficult.

Nevertheless, it is constantly to get up no matter how long you lay. Continue the business. Better to grow slowly than not to move. Helps in the development of self-confidence fantasy. If you use imagination and draw in their heads the image of a confident person which you sharpen, then after some time, your behavior will be much more confident.

Train your own gait, manner of speaking, gestures. Don't forget to smile to yourself and to others. And never stop its development. Every day you have to be better than yesterday. If it fails to do anything scary. Importantly, the trend was to build confidence. And for that appreciate the smallest achievements.

It is also very important to do others good, since then you believe in what you can do a lot. Then you build the right image about yourself. In General, self – esteem is the ratio of the I-real to me-perfect. First, what a person sees. And the second is whatever a person would like to see. And the bigger the gap between the real and the ideal, the more the person insecure or self-assured. You must live in reality and accept it for what it is. Humility is a useful human quality.

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