What attracts men to women's feet?

First and foremost, and Mature men and young boys are attracted by the length of women's legs. But this is not the only indicator, which draws the attention of some men.
It is very often desirable to be not only long-legged beauties, but girls with small neat feet, with manicured nails, preferring to walk in high heels.

In Britain there was a specific study that revealed that the sexiest feet are a size 36, provided that they are dressed in high-heeled shoes which height is more than eight inches. The color of the nail Polish have to be bright red.
Among the celebrities recognized by the owners of the ideal foot are Sophia Loren and Victoria Beckham.

Some men give a special place of well-groomed feet, and based on this draws conclusions about the habits and character of the owner of the feet. Almost forty percent of women are embarrassed by their feet, they always wear only closed shoes and boots even during the summer season.

What associated feelings of desire for men at the sight of a woman's legs?

At the sight of the woman the man immediately raised the level of hormones in the blood. This is due to the fact that women's feet differ from the feet of men. Even the knees of women is several times softer, but rounder thigh, calves are more slender, the skin smooth. More attractive for any man is the most upper part of the legs (intimate triangle). According to Desmond Morris, at the sight of the beautiful female body in men being drawn to the imagination this part of the body. Opinion of the opposite sex, female feet attract more than any hypnosis.

The male imagination can play not only female feet, but also how they move. For a long time at a woman's legs was taboo, as they are very close to the genitals. Women's feet very long time were closed long dresses ankle-length, it was forbidden to bare ankles, and on his feet were worn high boots with lacing.

From the foregoing it is clear that men like slender legs, small feet with brightly painted nails and most importantly well-groomed.