What are the claws will love the man

Tights as an item of lingerie was invented a long time ago. Nylon tights are not only comfortable, but also very attractive for the stronger sex. If a woman wants to please men, she should know about how to become more attractive in their eyes. Sometimes the tastes of men may differ from women's. It is therefore important to choose the tights that are sure to appeal to the opposite sex.

According to a social survey, the majority of men would like to see the women tights in black. They give the image some mystery and visually make the legs slimmer. Black tights are combined not with every outfit. In this case it is important to choose the whole image as a whole.

Many men admit that they always pay attention to a woman in black tights with a pattern. It is desirable that the figure was quite unobtrusive. Very impressive look on the woman's tights with a smooth black arrow. Such underwear visually lengthens legs.

As for the fishnets, not every representative of the stronger sex are able to rate them on their lady. Many men believe that lingerie is vulgar, so ladies should not buy it. These tights can be worn only in special cases, but it is important to combine them with clothes, makeup, hair. Black fishnet tights themselves are a bright accent in the image, so the clothes and makeup should be relatively quiet.
Tights in fine mesh look quite elegant. Some women allow themselves to wear them even in the office.

Tights beige fishnet visually elongate legs, making them slimmer. In conjunction with beige shoes this item of lingerie will visually make your legs almost endless. This image is sure to appeal to men who prefer a more modest images.

The selection of tights in the store

Beautiful and unusual shade of tights does not guarantee that they will love the man. When buying it is important to pay attention not only to their color, but also on quality. Buy stockings at any lingerie Department, but when you buy should pay special attention to the name of the manufacturer and the density of the purchased nylon products.

To wear tights properly can not all ladies. That is why many women prefer to buy the more dense model. However, according to the survey, men prefer to see women thin pantyhose and stockings. Quality products the minimum density will last a long time if properly care for them, to wash and clean out after each wear.

Lately in fashion magazines you can see pictures of women in shiny bright tights. This photo gallery is able to attract everyone's attention.
Shiny tights leg show visually, so they can only afford a very slender girl.
Despite fashion trends, men bright tights absolutely do not like. Many of them believe underwear is vulgar and tasteless.