Description lilies

White Lily – a symbol of purity among European peoples, but today, there are about 100 varieties of this flower, having the most diverse color and shape. It is a perennial plant, which, depending on the care and growing conditions, can reach heights of up to 1.5 meters. Her direct, sometimes pubescent stems are glossy leaves are oblong. Color colors can be white, cream, yellow, lilac, purple, Golden or orange, the petals are assembled into flowers star-shaped, funnel-shaped, campanulate or Cup-shaped.

The underground part of the flower – bulb and root system. Lily bulbs do not die – the growth of the external scales are replaced by new ones formed in her heart. Medicinal raw materials are lilies all parts: bulb, root, stem, leaves and flowers. Flowers as a basis for medicines, are harvested from June to August and dry them in a shaded, well-ventilated areas.
Dried Lily buds are stored in packages of thick paper. The retention period shall not exceed 1 year, after that medicinal properties are quickly lost.

Properties of flowers lilies

Clearly identified in the composition of the inflorescences of white and tiger lilies, which are traditionally used in folk medicine, the presence of saponins, flavonoids, mucous substances, alkaloids, proteins. The presence of these components that determines the healing properties of flowers, preparations of them have analgesic and hemostatic effect, reduce the swelling and have a calming effect on the nervous system. They also provide wound-healing, anti-inflammatory, tonic, laxative and expectorant action, are part of the choleretic, antiseptic cleansing and diuretic drugs.
Especially popular infusion of the flowers of the white Lily, which has a calming effect, strengthens the nervous system and increases male potency.

The use of flowers lilies

Alcohol tincture of Lily treat acne. The flowers of the plant are used to relieve painful symptoms with the different etiology, as well as facilitate the boils, uterine bleeding, colds, jaundice, eczema, boils, burns, and skin pigmentation. Products based on flowers lilies normalize the function of the kidneys and gallbladder as facilitate their cleaning. Lily flowers have a positive impact on the normalization of the heart and improve eyesight.