Pork skewers in marinade mineral in Armenian

- 2 kg of pork (preferably neck);
- 0,5 kg of onion;
- 0,4 l mineral water with gas;
- 2 tbsp coriander seeds;
- 0,5 tablespoon black pepper;
- 1 tbsp. l. mixture of spices for barbecue (thyme, marjoram, garlic, Basil, white pepper, etc.);
- 2 tsp of salt.

In the evening, wash your pork, let it dry a little and cut into fairly large pieces approximately rectangular shape. Place them in a deep bowl or pan large enough that the contents were easy to mix while marinating.
The optimal size pieces barbecue – 1.5-2 times bigger than a matchbox. So the meat roasts faster on the inside and burning outside.

Peel the onion, cut it into rings or half rings and add to the bowl of barbecue. All sprinkle with ground black pepper, grains of coriander, selected spices and salt and thoroughly combine with your hands so the spices spread evenly. Remember a little meat to give the juice, and place in a container.

Pour the prepared pork 1 tbsp. of mineral water and leave in the marinade in the fridge until morning, covered with cling film. The next day, out of the house on the outdoors, string the meat on skewers and cook on the grill, basting from time to time remaining mineral water.

Skewers of beef in a mineral water

- 1 kg of beef;
- 350 g onions;
- 1 tbsp. mineral water;
- 2 cloves of garlic;
- 1 sprig of rosemary;
- 1 Bay leaf;
- 3 tbsp olive or vegetable oil;
- 1/3 tbsp ground black pepper;
- 1 tsp of salt.

When choosing beef for kebab please note on the clipping. There is practically no lived and muscle fibers, is the most soft and at the same time lean part of the carcass.
Prepare the beef, cut it from white film and cut the pulp into the correct pieces. Remove the husks from the bulbs, slice them and combine with meat. Season both grated garlic, crumbled Bay leaf and rosemary, ground black pepper and olive oil. Prevent all 5-10 minutes. While not salt.

Pour mineral water into the container with the meat, adding a little by little, each time stirring with your hands until almost completely absorbed water. Place the oppression and leave in a cool place or the fridge for 2-3 hours. Salt the meat, stir again, put on skewers and place skewers. Remember that beef should be constantly watched, so it does not dry out when roasting on the coals.