To get into the "black list" of Classmates the user for a variety of reasons. Some send in a ban due to unacceptable comments, and others for sending insulting and offensive messages, the third – for sending spam, etc. Maybe someone of you was unpleasant or you decide to break off communication with someone, in this case, come to the aid of the option "Black list". To connect you do not need to use any additional costs. The service is free and is valid for as long as you don't change your mind.
Send in the black list can be any user, whether guest or the person with whom you are in correspondence. To remove the "classmates" calling to you to the page on the top toolbar, scroll to "Guests", open the attendee list, select the person you wish to "ban". Move the mouse cursor to the photo and in the drop down box, select "Block". Then on the next page, where your attention will be presented information about the possibility to send all the nerds in the black list. To confirm this effect, we again need to press the Lock button.
But often there are times when a man just pulls the users of the network with their messages. You can find out of this situation. You will need to open the messages section on the left side to find a boring person, click on the icon with his image, and to open a correspondence with him. Top where the name and surname of the user, there is a picture marked by a crossed circle. Click on it and in the next window, confirm your decision to send the user to the blacklist.