Detection limits

The first thing you need to undergo a medical examination and to check the status of all the constituent parts of the body. If the child has a heart problem and respiratory system, to give it in the section of football, Rugby and Boxing would be a big mistake. Sport in the first place should benefit. Don't look for a miraculous deliverance from illnesses and diseases during training.

 Consideration of the temperament and personal qualities

If the child is a balanced, calm and unhurried, then it is best suitable types that are not designed for strenuous exercise. That's Cycling, chess and dancing. On the contrary, if he is short-tempered, agile, it would suit the types where you need a lot of energy. It's football, Boxing, wrestling. So, any excess energy will be focused to achieve results. Sociable suitable team sports. Such as volleyball, hockey, football. Combining these qualities, you can select the most suitable sport for a particular child.

Don't demand the impossible

In any case, don't blame the kid for failure, do not demand to give 100%. Overload no one has benefited, especially children. Allow him to determine the appropriate for his body temp. Anyway, he will adapt to the higher requirements of itself after a while.

When is the best time to start

The decision to send a child to a sports club, should be taken, best when it will be 5-7 years. This period can be good to develop flexibility. And generally develop all qualities best before 12 years of age, when the body is still developing and is easily amenable to the required changes.

Correct load

Before a child begins their workout, you should definitely warn the coach about what are the limitations of the young athlete. But this does not mean that guardianship in this respect on the part of parents is over. During the month is to monitor the changes in the body of their child. Not causing harm to the training? You may want to reduce the load, or conversely to increase if the body is good.

Traumatic types

Do not just give up on extreme sports, with the right equipment and following simple rules can reduce the chance of injury to a minimum. If the child really wants, we should not ignore his desires. These types of activities require a good rest. Take care of good muscle relaxation. Massage is a great solution.


Try to frequently take the survey and attend the consultation by a pediatrician. Physical activity greatly influence the development of the young organism. You need to constantly adjust the level and time of exertion.