Advice 1: Is it harmful to wear colored lenses

Colored contact lenses is not only a way to change the color of the eyes, but also the opportunity to change my glasses to a more convenient and comfortable to wear means vision correction. There are dozens of types of lenses: color and tint, regular and prescription lenses, daily or reusable. But is it safe to use these lenses?
Is it harmful to wear colored lenses
Ten or fifteen years ago, manufacturers offered colored contact lenses 3-5 basic colors. Despite progressive materials such lenses were not very comfortable, causing discomfort in some cases could trigger blurred vision. Now the situation has changed. Now you can dramatically change the color of even dark brown eyes or buy lenses with a cat's pupil, a skull, a heart or another pattern.

Colored lenses differ from transparent only in the presence of the figure. The dye is contained in the inner shell of the lens. Contact with the cornea excluded, but because these lenses are harmless. Some types of lenses have protection from UV rays.

Not to be excruciatingly painful

In order not to harm such a delicate organ of the human body, such as eyes, should follow certain rules. First, if you have purchased colored contact lenses, in detail ask the seller or ophthalmologist about the rules of care. Strictly follow all the requirements. Secondly, when buying, pay attention to the validity of lines of the lenses. Appropriate markings must be marked on the package. Third, do not wear lenses longer than recommended. Fourth, you customised lenses need specialist.

Optometric measurements in the selection of colored or transparent contact lenses must!

The term lens wear depends on their type. Daily disposable lenses are perfect for special occasions when you need to emphasize the natural iris shade or change it. Lenses short term wear can change the color of eyes, every time complementing your image. Contact lenses extended wear can be worn for a long time. Even if the manufacturer in advertising says that they can be worn for 30 days, doctors recommend still to do it at least once a week. Disinfection special solution removes protein deposits and other debris from the surface of the lens, and eliminate harmful bacteria. In addition, during the night your eyes will rest. Extended wear lenses are cheaper but require more careful care.

Proper care of colored contact lenses

Colored contact lenses are quite expensive, but because the care for them to save is not worth it. Quality products will prolong the life of each lens, and the risk of infection is reduced to almost zero. Be sure to buy a contact lens case and always carry it with you. There are special compact sets that include a container, tweezers and a tiny bottle of disinfectant solution. On the inside of the box has a mirror, which will facilitate donning and doffing lenses. Lenses long wearing breathable, but it is worth remembering that all the same it was a foreign body on the delicate membrane of the eye. To wear the lenses only with clean hands. If you accidentally drop the lens, check for mechanical damage and then rinse thoroughly with the solution. In cases where after putting on you feel discomfort, remove the lens and consult your doctor to have it checked out the lens on integrity.

To get rid of the discomfort moistening the surface of the sclera or flush a random speck of dust, will help drop a type of "artificial tears".

Daily disposable lenses require no care. After one day of wearing they can be removed and discarded. To wear longer than a day these lenses harmful.

If you follow all the precautions and wear the lenses correctly, the harm they will cause.

Advice 2 : Is there any harm from contact lenses

Contact lenses are a modern development, capable of replacing glasses for people who experience any discomfort while wearing them. Contact lenses have great popularity, so the person using them, make sure you know all their positive and negative qualities.
Is there any harm from contact lenses

Dangerous contact lenses for eyes

Lenses are not able to completely replace the glasses. Experts recommend to wear contact lenses and glasses alternately. At home you can wear glasses and a gym for sports activities wear lenses.

The most important point to wear and glasses or contact lens is the correct selection. So prior to purchasing must go through the procedure of an eye examination for better selection of the most suitable contact lenses. As unsuitable lenses, like glasses can greatly harm the health of the organs of vision.

While sleep experts recommend to remove the lens to avoid the development of eye diseases. In the case of contact lenses intended for extended wear and day and night, ophthalmologists recommend to rest my eyes and removed at night lenses once a week.

Experts strongly recommend not to wear contact lenses for drivers, because they impair peripheral vision. In addition, it is possible during blinking, intermittent fogging of the visible image that can negatively affect reactions in the occurrence of extreme driving situations.

From the above we can conclude that with proper care and systematic replacement of contact lenses is not harmful. But you should periodically visit an ophthalmologist to have it examined and if necessary corrected prescription.

Consequences failure to follow the correct lens care

When buying lenses specialist must instruct the buyer on proper care and the possible negative consequences for non-compliance.

It is imperative to use only the recommended for this type of lens solution for rinsing and storage. Also when initially worn needs to be sensitive to every manifestation of any discomfort and inform the doctor. It is possible that people do not tolerate any type of lenses or solution for them.

Contact lenses extended wear is recommended to periodically replace the usual. This should be done to prevent infectious diseases that can arise as a result of continued reduction of access of oxygen to the eye.

Contact lenses need to be replaced strictly within the specified period, you should not skimp on your health, as the consequences can be very sad.

Advice 3 : Harmful if contact lenses

Contact lenses allow you to change the color of eyes and brighten eyes. Such lenses were developed only for people with light eyes. They do not bring absolutely any harm.
Tint lenses
Tint contact lenses are absolutely safe, if you observe some rules:

- do not wear lenses more than eight hours a day;
- after each use rinse lens;
- pick up only.
- do not use contact lenses, which have long expired.

Security tint lenses

Contact lenses are convenient to use and also have the ability to change to several shades of eye color. It is important to remember that the colored layer located at the center of the lens, not the eye, therefore you should not worry about the safety lenses. You can also buy tint day lenses.

You can use the lens without a diopter, if you decided to change your eye color to change. Often these lenses are used to hide defects of the eye: cataract, or the absence of the iris. Colored lenses, unlike a painting, can dramatically change the color of your eyes.

But some people before buying lenses, you receive a lot of questions. In particular, they doubt that the lenses are absolutely not harmful to eye health.

Lenses painted with a special dye that does not bring absolutely any harm to the eyes. If you decide to buy contact lenses, choose only the verified firms. Do not order them on unverified sites.

Contact lenses can be used on various occasions and every day. It is only important to properly care for them.

Disadvantages tint lenses

Doctors do not advise to drive in colored contact lenses. And all this is due to the fact that the mydriasis can be seen clouding the edge of the lenses.

Colored tint lenses completely, they do not have a transparent portion in the pupil area. Therefore when it is worn to detect a change of color. But many do not pay much attention to it.

Lenses can damage the eyesight, if you don't follow the rules of wearing. So do not forget about the rest for your eyes if you don't want to lose sight.

Disadvantages tint lenses are: they can cause dryness of the eyes you shouldn't wear them more than eight hours a day. Dryness can be avoided by using special drops.

Some believe that when using a tinted lens can be an infection. By themselves, the lenses do not cause any disease. Infection in the eyes can only if you will use unwashed lenses.
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