Advice 1: Why do Indian brides paint henna different pictures on hands

Mehendi or mehndi is a traditional Eastern painting with henna. In India bio-henna tatoo strengthened in the twelfth century. Almost any Indian wedding bride decorated with the traditional patterns of mehndi from head to toe.
Why do Indian brides paint henna different pictures on hands

Indian wedding traditions

Mehendi on the skin of the bride is traditionally applied to older, experienced cousin. As instruments they use metal or wooden sticks, bringing intricate designs on the hands and feet of bride by hand. On the feet, palms, wrists and ankles henna is most long because the skin in these areas dry and thin. In the process of applying these patterns, experienced women usually devote the bride in the mystery of matrimony. Henna tattoos can last a long time in India, traditionally, until the skin of the bride (and wife) visible wedding pattern, she is released from daily duties and cares.
Usually henna tattoos hold up to two to three weeks.

Mehendi is designed primarily to keep love in marriage. Dark, almost black patterns mehndi talking about a very strong love. Red tattoo promises of power and fertility, made with red henna mehendi usually contain vegetable ornaments, images of animals and birds – all this binds a woman to a cycle of life, with the concept of birth, growth, regeneration and death. It is believed that mehendi protects from evil spirits, misfortune, illness. That is why Indian women cover their body these tattoos not only during the wedding.

In India are very popular complex patterns and ornaments, images of flowers Lotus and peacock are luck and love. That is why on the palms and feet of the bride often depict these patterns.

Indian girls fervently believe that mehendi will bring the love and care of her husband. Indian women believe that the beauty of paintings of the hands and feet should admire their future husband and his relatives. In some regions of India henna to decorate their bodies and grooms.

Mehndi is a good way to contact the gods. Very often in painting hands and feet is encrypted prayers and requests. Very often, Indian brides put on their hands the image of the elephant which is the symbol of Merciful Ganesha – God, who always cared about people.
Henna is considered a good energy protection since they are applied on the palm, in which all a person's energy channels.

Now, not only in India

Increasingly, the tradition is to paint your skin with exotic Oriental figures before important events penetrates into Western society. Pretty easy to see a young girl of the European appearance with flowers or animals, drawn with henna on the hands. Many people make this kind of painting yourself, it takes time and effort, to the same patterns usually do not turn out to be so thin as Indian brides, nevertheless they look impressive, if their Creator has good taste.

Advice 2: How to draw henna on the body

Henna painting on the body or "mehndi" as it is called in India, is experiencing a boom in the European part of the planet. Most have already appreciated the advantages of such temporary tattoo: henna does not violate the integrity of the skin and keeps the skin about 2-3 weeks. To draw henna on the skin is easy, try it!
How to draw henna on the body
You will need
  • Henna for body, glass Cup, wooden spatula, ground coffee, black tea, lemon, eucalyptus essential oil or lavender, sugar, toothpicks, cotton swabs, syringe package, olive oil.
It is easiest to use a ready to paint henna in special tubes. These tubes are sold in specialty stores and on the Internet. But it is better to use freshly made pasta.
Henna for body painting is different from the henna that dye their hair. It is prepared from the upper leaves of a shrub of Lawsonite, provides vivid color and smaller. Make sure you are using henna for body painting. You'll need 40-50 grams of henna. Sift the henna powder through a fine sieve 2-3 times, it should have the consistency of powder. Henna cannot be prepared in a metal pot, so keep the powder in a glass or ceramic bowl.
Boil 0.5 liters of water, add 2 teaspoons of ground coffee or black tea. Cook the broth on a slow fire or water bath for about an hour. Don't forget to stir constantly. Then strain the broth through several layers of cheesecloth.
Pour hot broth in small portions in a Cup of henna powder. Thoroughly pound and mix wooden or glass spatula to avoid lumps. And do not pour all the broth, you can get too runny paste. This paste will not stick on the skin and spoil the figure drips and stains.
In the finished pasta add a teaspoon of juice of lemon or lime, teaspoon of sugar and a few drops of lavender essential oil or eucalyptus. You should get a plastic, homogeneous mass with the consistency of toothpaste.
Cover the container of paste with plastic wrap and leave in a warm place for 6 hours. During this time of powder released active dye.
Now, prepare the skin for the application of the pattern. Better to do hair removal on those areas where you are going to make a drawing. The fact that the small hairs are colored more intensively than the skin and the paint stays on the hair for much longer. Also the skin should be washed thoroughly with soap and water, and areas with rougher skin to treat scrub. After showering do not apply any moisturizer on the body, the skin must be absolutely clean.
The paste is applied on skin by brush, wooden sticks or syringe package. If you have a special syringe to apply the paint, make it from the usual tight plastic bag. Roll pack bag, seal with tape at the seams, complete the pasta by two-thirds. The top edge of the package and also fold, seal with tape. You should get a small cone. At the bottom of the cone, pierce the hole with a needle. Practice to apply paint on a white sheet of paper to understand, with some effort to squeeze out the paste on the skin.
Apply on the skin picture of the future pattern. This can be done with a pencil for permanent makeup. Also there is a special paper stencils with holes. Lightly oil place the olive oil, it will make the color of the picture brighter and give the paste to quickly dry up.
Apply paste from the package on the circuit pattern or arbitrarily. Squeeze the henna evenly, smoothly, if a hole of the pack huddled lump of henna or air - clean it with a needle. If you accidentally mess up the drawing - scratch off the paste with a damp swab, toothpick or cotton Bud, and repeat again. From time to time moisten the pattern with a solution of lemon juice with sugar. Gently moisten a wet cotton swab, but be careful not to lubricate the finished picture.
Blot it. To Supplement the drying effect of infrared radiation, lamp Minin bulb blue color or a Hairdryer. The longer you keep the paste on your skin, the brighter the picture. After 5-6 hours, remove the brush remains of the paste from the skin. Wipe the skin with almond or olive oil, it adds depth to the color of the picture.
Make sure you are not allergic to henna. Dilute a small amount of henna powder and apply a DAB in the crook of the elbow or under the knee. If within half an hour no skin reactions of redness, itching and / or swelling - you can prepare henna for a picture.
Useful advice
After applying the henna is often not recommended to take a hot bath or shower. Active sports contribute to increased sweating and also reduce the duration of the picture, it becomes darker and lighter. Before swimming in sea or pool apply a pattern waterproof sunscreen, it will help keep its brightness and protect against the effects of chlorine and sea salt.

Advice 3: How to paint designs on nails

Learning to do designs on nails, you will gain a fascinating hobby. Starting with simple patterns, a skill can be improved endlessly. Try to decorate a few nails unusual pattern of their own design – perhaps this lesson will captivate you, and the result will appeal to others.
How to paint designs on nails
You will need
  • enamel for nails;
  • - acrylic paint;
  • a thin brush;
  • - flat brush with an oblique cut;
  • - rhinestones, sequins;
  • top coat with a glossy effect.
Select the picture that you want to accomplish. Its size depends on the length of the nails. On long plates, you can draw a landscape or a flower basket. Short it is better to decorate a small motif or vertical lines that will visually narrow the nails. Consider the shape of a plate – oval, rectangle or sharp stiletto require different drawings.
Consider the combination of colors so that the pattern blends seamlessly with your clothes and makeup. For a complete painting will need 3-4 of the shade and the base tone. Flowers and portraits it is better to paint with acrylic paints, and abstract paintings and patterns suitable polishes with narrow brushes designed specifically for nail art.
You can decorate each nail a separate picture or portray the overall story, "stretching" it on the whole hand. For example, draw on the middle finger the cornflower bouquet or roses, on the index and ring small buds and leaves, and the little finger and big – just swirls of stems and tendrils.
Cover the nail lacquer base beige or cream color. Dry it and start painting. Flat brush with a beveled tip type blue and white paint and draw a cornflower five strokes going from the center to the edge. Place one flower at the bottom of the nail of the middle finger, and the second – but diagonally, from the tip.
On the index and ring depict flowers of a smaller size. Dip a thin brush in green paint and then draw the stems thin strokes. Supplement with a long curly mustache. So the overall picture looked beautiful, follow the symmetry of the lines on all fingers. Last draw leaves. They are run flat brush, which is gaining dark and light green paint at the same time.
Dots of Golden-yellow paint draw midway colors. Complete manicure silver sequins and cover composition a layer of protective ultrablast coverage.
Another interesting option of painting is reminiscent of antique medallions. This manicure will be a very unusual decoration, provided that it is made very carefully. He looks the best on oval or almond-shaped nails. Cover them with two layers of white enamel and wait until dry. Circle each nail a narrow strip of dark pink in a frame.
The plot is located in the center. On a flat brush, dial crimson and white paint and paint a stylized flower that resemble a peony or rose. Draw five petals in the form of a curved, commas, and inside them three more, smaller size. Decorate this picture all the fingers.
Add top and bottom sheets, depicting them with a flat brush dark pink and white colors. Draw first one and then the other half of the sheet a short undulating motion. Decorate the composition with rhinestones, and on the edge of the frame dot crimson. Cover the drawing with protective top and dry thoroughly.
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