Press Ctrl+Alt+Del and launch task Manager system. Go to the Processes tab and see if there was an active process Guards This is a hidden service visual bookmarks, the active session which can be completed by clicking the corresponding button in the task Manager window. Restart your browser and see did virtual bookmarks. The drawback of this method is that the above steps have to be repeated at every system startup.
Check the Program Files folder on your computer's hard disk for the presence of subfolders here, in the name of which includes the word or use the system search for this keyword and its derivatives to find the exact location of the service executable virtual bookmarks. Delete the folder from your hard drive by clicking its icon, right-click and pressing the Del key or open the folder and run the Uninstaller application. Restart your browser for changes to take effect.
Open a browser and navigate to its settings. Select customize plug-ins or add-ons and scroll to find Disable or remove the plugin to remove visual bookmarks.