You will need
  • - iron,
  • - cut gauze fabric.
For steaming at home with the iron of the previous generation, that is, not having any other modes except the directly Ironing (irons are still preserved), install the sensor heat the iron to maximum temperature.
Gently lay prepared for steaming knitted thing on an Ironing Board or another flat surface (pre-podstelit under thing at least four times folded blanket if steam will be produced to the surface of the Ironing Board).
Plentifully moisten with water and press to light of humidity pre-prepared piece of gauze fabric, which will produce steam.
Put gauze over the cut knitted things.
Pick up the heated iron and hold it as close as possible to the surface of the gauze, while not touching her. The distance from the sole of the iron to the gauze should be about 0.5-1 cm.
Gently move the iron over the damp gauze. The water from the gauze will evaporate and yarn products – to acquire a neat look.
Use an iron with a steam function products. Pour the water into a special compartment of the iron, set the steam setting and move the iron over the surface of the knitted things.
In particularly difficult cases it is possible to use shot of steam, in which a strong jet of steam is supplied from the soleplate on otpaivaem your thing, which is then kind of a neat product.