You will need
    • Fat
    • Water
    • Salt
    • Spices (black pepper
    • Bay leaf
    • cumin
    • Anis
    • cardamom
    • coriander)
    • Garlic
To prepare the brine, we need a pot, water, salt, garlic and black pepper.

1.7 glass of water poured into the pot, then poured 1 Cup of salt and brine is boiled for 10 minutes. Then the brine is cooled to room temperature.
While boiling the brine, garlic cleaned and divided into cloves. Five cloves will be enough. Best of all, each clove to crush with a knife.
Spice is also better to crush, but not with a knife, and between two teaspoons, after putting the peas in the napkin so that the pepper is not scattered throughout the kitchen.
Later in cooled salt water laid the garlic, crushed spices and ingredients in the brine are mixed.
The fat in the brine is the preferred salt in a glass jar. Therefore, pre-sliced pieces of bacon are added into the jar and pour the prepared brine. Salting the fat should take place in a cold place, so the Bank needs to stand in the fridge for at least a week. But a tight lid is better not to close, the fat should "to breathe".
Once the bacon is salty, it goes, obrushivaetsya, sprinkle spices to your taste and stored in the freezer for a very long time.