Advice 1: How to pickle bacon hot

In fat contains a large amount of healthy fatty acids, they are necessary for normal functioning of the heart and to build cell membranes. Because it is a very high-calorie product, it is advisable to consumed in small quantities, combining with the vegetables. Try to pickle the bacon hot.
How to pickle bacon hot
You will need
  • - 1 kg of fat;
  • - 1.5 cups of salt;
  • - 1.5 liters of water;
  • - garlic;
  • - spices;
  • - onion and garlic husk;
  • - Bay leaf.
For pickling take quality fresh fat, that has the mark. It means that the product has passed the FDA. So you can reduce the risk of acquiring poor quality fat, infested with parasites. Fresh product, fit for salting, should be white or pale pink, have a delicate and soft skin. Fat with a thick skin after pickling will be tough, this product is best used for frying.
Check the freshness of the product by means of a match: if she freely enters into the fat, so it is fresh. Do not purchase fat with a grayish or yellowish tint, it's a stale product. Soften the fat before salting, to do this, soak it in water for 12 hours.
Take a wide pan, a piece of bacon must fit in it completely. Pour salt in it. Put the mixture of red and black peppers, a bit dry adzhika, Bay leaf and onion peels.
Pour water into a saucepan and put on fire. As soon as the water boils, drop into it a piece of bacon and cook for 3-5 minutes. Remove the pan from the fire. Leave the fat for a day in brine at room temperature. A day remove it from the brine and allow to drain water. Wipe off the fat with a piece of cloth or paper towel.
Slice the garlic into slices and thread them through the press, a medium-sized cloves set aside. Mix it with salt, pepper and dill. Make the piece of bacon punctures with a knife, put them in the garlic cloves small. RUB the fat with a mixture of garlic, pepper and salt. Wrap it in paper towel and place in the fridge for a day.
In pickling do not spare the salt, the fat absorbs as much as you need and take extra salt.

Do not store the fat in the light, otherwise it will quickly turn yellow.
Useful advice
If you bought the fat has absorbed the smell of other products, you need to soak it for hours in water with garlic, the smell will disappear.

Advice 2: How to pickle bacon with garlic

Despite the high calorie, fat is a useful product. It does not contain harmful cholesterol, but the composition of fat include carotene, vitamins a, D, E, and arachidonic, oleic, linoleic and palmitic acids that contribute to cellular and cholesterol metabolism. To cook bacon at home is very simple. You must have only salt, garlic and spices.
How to pickle bacon with garlic

The types of salting bacon

There are 3 ways of salting bacon. When dry the product is ready to eat in 2-3 weeks, but this method is not designed for long-term storage. The so-called wet (in brine) method labor-intensive, but cooked this way bacon has a shelf life of up to one year. When hot salting or jam, the fat is first boiled, then rubbed with garlic after it is smeared with spices and placed in a cool place. This fat can be stored up to six months.
It is believed that the nutrients in fat are in a two-centimeter layer under the skin.

It is very important to choose the right fat for pickling. It must be elastic, homogeneous and dense, on the cut to have a snow-white or pinkish color. You should not purchase the fat with a yellowish tinge. In addition, for pickling better fat with the skin on.

Recipes salting bacon with garlic

To pickle the fat in the dry way, you will need:
- 1 kg of fat;
- 2-3 heads of garlic;
- seasonings (pepper, Basil, coriander, Bay leaf, cumin).
At salting of bacon you can use any spices and to vary them according to your taste.

Cut fresh bacon into pieces about the size of 10x15 centimeters and do every 3-5 inches deep incisions. They must reach the skin. Clean the garlic and cut into thin slices. Lard fat garlic and RUB with seasoning blend. Then carefully roll in salt and place in layers in an enamel pan, generously sprinkling each layer with salt. Then put the bacon for 5 days in a cool place to zaselyatsya. After this time the bacon is ready to eat.

Salted lard with garlic in the wet way it is necessary to take:
- 1 kg of fat;
- 1-2 heads of garlic;
- spices (Bay leaf, cumin, coriander, pepper);
- dill;

To pickle the bacon in this recipe, first of all, prepare the brine. To do this, pour into a saucepan of cold water, add peppercorns, dill and salt (it should take an amount, that is placed in a solution of egg is not drowning). Put the saucepan on a medium heat and bring the brine to a boil, boil for several minutes until complete dissolution of the salt. Then remove the solution from heat and cool. Fresh bacon cut into cubes about 25 inches in length and 4 in width. Garlic is clean and skip through the frog. Dip in the cooled brine bacon and garlic, put oppression and put for 10 days in a cool place. Before use, remove the bacon from the brine, thoroughly dry cloth and put 2 hours in the refrigerator.

Advice 3: How to cook bacon

Despite the fact that fat is high-calorie product, it contains a large amount of nutrients. It is rich in vitamins a, D, E, selenium, arachidonic acid and other fatty acids responsible for the immune system and the heart, a toxin, besides, it is not carcinogenic and radioactive. Experts agree that fat should be included in the diet.
Gentle fat better overseas delicacies

How to pickle fat

There are several methods of salting bacon: "wet" (using brine), dry (with spices) and "hot" when the fat is subjected to heat treatment.

To pickle the fat hot method you will need:
- 1 kg of fat;
- 4 tbsp salt coarsely ground;
- 1 tbsp ground black pepper;
- Bay leaf;
- garlic;
- carrot;
- spicy herbs.

Rinse and dry the piece of bacon. Mix salt, pepper, dry herbs and pounded into crumbs Bay leaf. Grate the fat the mixture, then cut and feed a piece of garlic and carrot. They must be pre-cleaned and cut into thin slices.

Then put the bacon in a plastic bag and tie it up. From top to wear another bag and also tie off. Then place prepared for salting the fat in a saucepan, cover with water, place on low heat and simmer 45-50 minutes after boiling.
Fat – high-calorie product with a high content of cholesterol, so it is recommended to consume no more than 100 grams a day.

Then carefully remove the fat from the pan, remove from package and refrigerate. Then put a couple hours in the refrigerator, cut thin slices and serve.

You can also cook the smoked bacon at home. Despite the simplicity of the recipe, the fat comes out tender with a hint of smoked meats.

To cook smoked bacon home-you will need:
- 1 kg of fat;
- garlic.
For the brine:
- 1 liter of water;
- 1 tbsp salt coarsely ground;
- the husk of the 10 bulbs;
- Bay leaf;
- pepper.

First of all make a marinade. To do this: boil water and add onion peels, Boil it for 5 minutes, put salt, pepper, Bay leaf and bacon in one piece. Cook it for 10-15 minutes, then remove from the heat and leave in the brine for 6 hours. During this time, the fat will become a pleasant color and taste of "smoked".

Then remove the bacon from the brine, dry it wow a paper towel or napkin and make small incisions (approximately the width of 2-3 cm), place them cut into thin slices the garlic cloves. Then wrap the bacon in paper towel and put in the freezer for a day. After this time a delicious "smoked" bacon is ready to eat.

How to bake bacon

To prepare bacon for this recipe it is necessary to take:
- 1 kg of fat;
- 5-6 large cloves of garlic;
- ground black pepper;
- condiments;
- spicy dry grass;
For baking it is better to choose bacon with meat streaks.

Garlic cloves peel and slice thin strips. Fat rinse and dry with a napkin. Then, after making small incisions, nashpiguyte garlic. Mix salt, black pepper, spicy dried herbs and other seasonings, selected according to your taste. Grate the resulting mixture of fat and carefully cover it from all sides with prepared mustard.

Prepared then wrap the bacon in foil and leave to marinate for 3-4 hours in the refrigerator.

Preheat oven to 180-200oC, place the foil-wrapped bacon on a baking sheet and place in the oven for 45 minutes to bake. 10-15 minutes until fully cooked unwrap the foil and let the fat brown.

Baked bacon is served chilled.

Advice 4: How to quickly and correctly salted bacon home

Bacon perfectly "get along" with any amount of salt, so to ruin the dish impossible. Cut fresh bacon into the correct portions and dipping them in not sparing salt, you can enjoy the taste of it in a day. And if you fill it all boiled water, the fat is cooked even faster.
How to quickly and correctly salted bacon home
Salty bacon is considered native Ukrainian dish, but his fans worldwide are countless. Who have once tasted this product, certainly tries to learn the technology of pickling, especially because this procedure is quite simple. And still some cooking secrets are.

Tips "experienced"

The most valuable advantage fat in fact that it is impossible to overdo. Not to ponder how much you will need salt, you just need to pour a thick layer into a bowl or deep container and dip the bacon on all sides, pressing each piece into the content. Salt is applied coarsely ground, without any additives.

Will the pickling successful, depends on the quality of fat. Not good, too soft and too hard. Experienced buyers can define a simple pressure of the finger, but you can ask the seller a knife. For soft and a knife is not required, because the finger it will "sink" and hard, even very sharp knife will meet on your way, if the structure of fat is heterogeneous, lumpy. Thick skin will also indicate the hardness of the product. You should pay attention to the color: the desirable pink and white, not grey-yellow that is a sign of stale fat.

To pickle the bacon can be any thickness, but the best is to Choose 3-4 cm pieces only greasy or meat-lard – a matter of taste. Too much meat, too undesirable, as it will take more salt and the result is the salted slices will be tougher and saltier taste. This fat is quickly salitsya, and it is better to subject it to subsequent Smoking.

Recipes the fastest Ambassador

A lot of dispute about how much time you need to colitisa fat. Some eat it within a day, someone claims that it can take less than a week. I must say that it depends on the size of the pieces and the pickling recipe. And there are a great many, though only three ways: dry, hot (boiling) and brine . If you want to eat, the fat the recommended thickness should be cut into cubes the size of about 3*10. Even when salting the dry way (simply dipped in salt), it will be ready the next day.

To fat was more fragrant and spicy on the palate, spices are added: garlic, black or red pepper, Bay leaf. All this you can RUB the slices before dipping in salt, and can be mixed directly with the salt. Each clove of garlic is better to cut into a thin plate or grate, then his smell will be more obvious. But the one who likes to eat bacon with a bit of sugar and garlic, is limited by the minimum of ingredients: fat and salt.

Salt fat even faster than a day. To do this, the pieces are coming together in a jar and in the case peresypaya liberally with salt and garlic. Simultaneously, you can boil the water and bring it to a boil. Then the Bank with the fat poured boiling water and left to cool down. This usually happens in about 3 hours and means that salty bacon is ready to eat.

Advice 5: How to marinate bacon

Fat is a product, which is usually subject to long-term storage. In order to preserve all the taste, fat is necessary to properly marinate. There are several ways that will make the product even better and increase shelf life.
How to marinate bacon

How to choose fat

Pork fat has long been considered a valuable food product. The fat contains unsaturated fatty acids, as well as Polunina arachidonic acid required by the human body.

The product turned out delicious, first of all it is necessary to correctly choose a fresh product. Good fat is considered to be homogeneous, without streaks and with thin skin. Fresh product the knife enters easily.

Preparation for pickling

Once you have chosen the fat, the next step is to prepare it for cooking. The fat is washed in cold water, with a cut seal, if any, and all that you can't wash it. Then the fat is placed the skin up and scratching gently with a knife, as the skin needs to be clean, but not cut or torn. After you have cleansed the skin, a layer is again washed and cut into pieces. The value of pieces often depends on the capacity for marinating.

Salo is marinated in brine and dry method. Salted in brine for a long time retains its color, that is, does not age and does not turn yellow and, therefore, remains delicious.

Salting fat hot brine

In boiling water at the rate of 1.5 liters per one kilogram of fat and added salt (1 Cup), spices – pepper, Bay leaf, for color you can add onion peels. To bring everything to a boil and put in the brine, fat, the water should cover necessarily all the pieces. After boiling, cook for five minutes on low heat. Then the capacity is allowed to cool in a warm place for twelve hours. After that, get the fat, rubbed with garlic, optional pepper, and packaged in greaseproof paper, then store in the freezer.

Salting in the cold marinade

The cold brine is prepared as follows: per liter of water is taken one Cup of salt. After boiling the brine cooled to a temperature of 23 degrees. The fat is cut into portions, placed in glass containers, with each layer shifted the spices, garlic and Bay leaf. Everything is filled with cold brine, after which the container is closed with the lid, but not so closely. Aged for a week at normal room temperature.

Pickling the bacon for long term storage

Fat for long term storage, you should wash and clean the skin, and scald. Pour the cooled brine (5 liters of water 1 kilogram of salt) placed in a container of bacon pieces. After three days, the brine is drained, pour the new, and fat to shift. Similarly to arrive in three days. And on the ninth day the fat is removed, wipe again with salt and wrap it in a cloth, and then stored for years.
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