You will need
  • • Specialized shampoo
  • • Drugs
  • • Knowledge of folk ways
Constantly advertised shampoos for dandruff. Happy faces on the other side of the screen, never mention that such hygiene products must be purchased only in pharmacies. Indeed, the products that are lying on the shelves of the pharmacy, subject to a more rigorous certification. Special shampoos help to get rid of the top layer "flakes", but not from the fungus.
Drugs are much more expensive than shampoos. But they are fully able to solve this problem. You will need some time to feel the effect. Before buying medicinal devices should consult with a dermatologist and not a pharmacist at the pharmacy checkout.
There are also popular ways to get rid of dandruff. Consider the simplest and most effective. Cook four lemon peel in one liter of water. Cool and rinse this broth the head after each wash.