Advice 1: How to withdraw dandruff folk remedies

Dandruff starts to appear at puberty every third person in the world. The fungus living on the scalp and feeds the skin fat produces acid, which leads to accelerated death of cells of the skin. For removing dandruff, you can use folk remediesthat have a curative effect.
How to withdraw dandruff folk remedies
Wash your hair with a mixture of yogurt (you can substitute sour milk) with one egg yolk. The recipe is recommended for dry and normal hair, known since ancient times and has a good cleansing effect.
Wash within 10 days, the hair decoction of nettles in the vinegar solution. Boil for half an hour 100 g chopped leaves in 0.5 liters of water with 0.5 liters of 6% vinegar.
Dilute dry mustard with water to paste. Apply for 15-20 minutes before washing. Mustard cleans the pores and stimulates circulation.
Grind two tablespoons of burdock roots. Boil in a glass of water for 15 minutes. Allow to stand for. RUB the infusion 2-3 times a week. Try to use burdock in finished form. The substances contained in the burdock roots, act quickly and effectively.
Heat the olive oil with lemon (four spoon take half of a lemon). RUB the warm mixture before shampooing.
Chop a medium sized onion in a blender. Apply the pulp on your head, rubbing it. Head wrap with plastic wrap and a towel. Rinse after two hours. An effective tool, but leaves a persistent smell of onions. You can use the peel of onions, to do this, boil a handful of seeds, 1 liter of boiling water. Leave for 30 minutes. Infusion rinse hair. This helps to remove excess sebum.
Mix the juice of one lemon, a spoonful of castor oil and chicken egg yolk. Massage the mixture for half an hour before washing. Get rid of dandruff, gives hair softness and Shine.
Make a mixture of sour cream, juice, aloe and lemon, castor oil and honey in equal parts. Add two crushed cloves of garlic. Apply to the skin before washing your hair. Use this recipe only for oily hair.
Know this: if dandruff has lasting effect and no funds help you to get rid of it, you need to go to the doctor-trichologist. Dandruff can occur for many reasons: hard water is unsuitable for you cosmetic products, a zinc deficiency, dermatosis, stress, hormonal disorders. The correct diagnosis and prescribe treatment can only a doctor.

Advice 2 : How to say goodbye to the dandruff

Dandruff is a nuisance to many people. These "flakes" constantly make you feel inferior person. What ways are there to say goodbye to the dandruff?
Dandruff - the problem of most men
You will need
  • • Specialized shampoo
  • • Drugs
  • • Knowledge of folk ways
Constantly advertised shampoos for dandruff. Happy faces on the other side of the screen, never mention that such hygiene products must be purchased only in pharmacies. Indeed, the products that are lying on the shelves of the pharmacy, subject to a more rigorous certification. Special shampoos help to get rid of the top layer "flakes", but not from the fungus.
Drugs are much more expensive than shampoos. But they are fully able to solve this problem. You will need some time to feel the effect. Before buying medicinal devices should consult with a dermatologist and not a pharmacist at the pharmacy checkout.
There are also popular ways to get rid of dandruff. Consider the simplest and most effective. Cook four lemon peel in one liter of water. Cool and rinse this broth the head after each wash.
You can't run the treatment of dandruff. In some cases, this may lead to hair loss.
Useful advice
The causes of dandruff can be many factors. Consult your doctor in order to pick up the individual drugs.
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