As you know, skin cells are constantly being updated. Three weeks later, the scalp has a new, young cells. If the skin flakes start to slushayutsya much more intense, we see the "powdery" dandruff hair.

The culprit of this phenomenon is a fungus by the name of M. Globosa, which lives on the skin of our head. Due to improper nutrition, excess secreted by the scalp fat or bad shampoo, this fungus may become active. In the process of his life stands out oleic acid, which causes skin irritation and interferes with regeneration.

For dandruff there are many cosmetic shampoos. Among the most famous luxury volume shampoo, Head end Shoulders, Londacare, Crisan, which usually consists of zinc or tar as well as shampoos, created on the basis of extracts of medicinal plants: Shampooing Antipelliculaire, Swiss Formula, Anti-Schuppen. These shampoos are designed for cleaning ducts of the sebaceous glands and irritation of the skin, and is able to fight dandruff at an early stage of its occurrence.

Medicated dandruff shampoos do not produce cosmetic and pharmaceutical firms. These shampoos destroy the fungus that causes dandruff and also relieve inflammation, itching and slow down the process of cell death. Their use is not constant, and in the course of treatment, usually four to six weeks. Of therapeutic shampoos dermatologists recommend: Nizoral Shampooing, Freederm Zinc, Dercos Shampooing, NodО D. S.

Recently received excellent reviews shampoo Dermazole Plus, in which, in addition to antifungal and antibacterial drugs, including complex compounds of zinc, ketoconazole and aloe Vera.