You will need
  • - romantic atmosphere,
  • music,
  • - light dinner and a bottle of wine.
Try to begin to organize the eveningbut for two or three days. Consider every little thing and don't miss anything. All you have to do is turn on your imagination.
To start with the day and time for a romantic evening. Better plan it for a Friday or Saturday. This will allow you time to prepare. You don't have to rush and worry about what the next day to go to work.
Then select the place for a romantic evening. It can be your favorite restaurant or cafe, but the easiest way to organize romantic evening at home.
To do this, create the right atmosphere. Consider the decor and lighting. Go to the training very seriously imaginative and creative. Remember what your fiancee likes. Try to do everything necessary to make it long remember this evening.
Buy scented candles and cute candle holders. Decorate the room with flowers and balloons in form of hearts. Pick calming music that will help create a romantic atmosphere in the evening.
Carefully think through serving table. Buy a beautiful tablecloth and dishes. For wine, be sure to use glasses on a thin stalk. Strain into a table so that you there was nothing to see each other during the meal. In the center of the table put a vase with flowers and don't forget the candles.
Decide on the menu. Remember that all meals have to be light enough and tasty. Prepare hot, cold and don't forget about dessert. Include in your menu fruits, berries and nuts. If you can't cook, then pre-order your food at a nice restaurant.
Don't buy strong alcohol. A good bottle of wine or champagne will be enough.
Take care of your appearance and don't overdo it with the perfume. Don't forget about good manners.
Invite a girl to the appointed time and send her a taxi. Ask the driver to give her a bouquet of flowers with a note of romantic content. This will be a great start to your evening!