So how do you know why we were born, what our life potential, what should we learn for life?
The easiest answer is to seek the astrologers. On the Internet, such services are provided by a lot of sites.

Of course, if you decide to understand yourself, without the astrologer you can not do, and as a new food for the mind at the primary level is fine online services that offer to anyone wanting to make a horoscope literally within five minutes.

Typing in the search box of the browser to make online horoscope" or use the link that is attached to the end of the article.

You came on the program page, which can make a Natal chart for yourself or your loved ones. Special functions allow you to set the time, place of birth and get a detailed interpretation of the Natal chart.

After entering all the data press the "calculate" button. If you don't know the exact time of your birth doesn't matter. In these programmes provides the rectification unit (i.e., clarification on the events of the time of birth)

In the drop-down window, select "interpret".
The time of birth, the program automatically translates the GMT so that the settings do not need to touch, although such a possibility there too.

If you do not like traktori individual elements of your birth chart, no need to take everything tragically.Remember that such a reaction almost everyone who saw my Natal chart for the first time. It is most likely that the program did not take into account individual nuances inherent in you.