Find an astrological program. Undoubtedly, a good astrology software is the main tool of the astrologer. Most often the most functional paid astrology software. They allow you to build not only a Solarium, but lunary, progression, management and more. But with due diligence you can find a free program, supplied with the necessary diesel fuel for composing functionality.
Find out your true birth. After all, the more accurate will be determined by your time of birth, the more accurate will the solar horoscope. In astrology, to clarify birth time rectification method is used. Rectification is a complex procedure that can be done only by a professional. Sometimes, if the birth time is unknown, without rectification impossible to do.
If your time of birth is known accurately enough (for example, preserved birochki from the hospital or the prudent mother distinctly remembers the hours and minutes, which made you light), you can build the solar horoscope based on available data. Of course, in astrology, an important Swiss precision. Here every minute counts. But in the latter case, solar will turn out quite accurate, even if your true birth time by a few minutes different from the time that you told relatives or rodonna tag.
Type in the program as the exact details of your birth (time and place). After that you can proceed directly to the construction of the solar horoscope. In most astrological programs use one button. (For example, in the program, you should click "the Return of the Sun"). Every year the star called the Sun hits the degree of birth, marking the beginning of the new diesel fuel. It usually doesn't happen on the day of birth, and the day before.
Examine the returned solar. When the solar horoscope is built, comes the most interesting and somewhat even mystical aspect of his interpretation. To correctly interpret solyar under force not to everyone. It is necessary to study the planets, their power, houses, aspects between planets, to understand the overall picture of the year. For example, events related to personal life, looking for 5 and 7 houses, material sphere of the human, 2 and 8.